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LocationSmart Overview

LocationSmart’s Smart Zone geofencing services, helps enterprises to configure and screen virtual perimeters with geo­spatial zones using polygon and radius­-based geofences.  LocationSmart’s Smart Zone geofencing services have numerous practical applications for a variety of critical business needs.

The company helps in :

1) Tracking vehicles as they move toward destinations, verifying truck arrivals and even determining if they are off their normal routes;
2) Tracking logs identify geofence interactions to ensure device usage is compliant and follows established criteria; 
3) Improving supply chain efficiencies while tracking and reporting status updates on shipments from origin to ultimate destination.

LocationSmart USP

LocationSmart’s Smart Zone geofencing services deliver propinquity insights necessary for the daily activities. It provides services from fetching devices to tracking product shipments halfway around the world and more. LocationSmart's geofencing technology’s power and accuracy will provide the organisation an opportunity to open the doors to targeted engagement opportunities.

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