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MAVEN SYSTEMS in Geofencing Solutions

GeoHEMS Overview

Maven Systems is a part of Moschip. Geofencing is a part of the M2M solution GPS based location tracking in which the software admin sets a virtual fence out of which the user cannot operate and if this happens, an immediate alert is sent to the admin.


  • Create geofences / landmark which are used in maps, reports, and alerts
  • Create alerts that notify you when a vehicle / equipment enters or leaves a fence
  • Use Polygons to precisely define your geofences using satellite maps
  • Support for circular geofences present as well
  • Instantly create geofences from a vehicle's or equipment's location on a map


Maven Systems provides Geofencing solutions in form of GPS based location tracking. Maven Systems M2M Solution – GPS based location tracking uses software filtering algorithms to work on raw values obtained from the GPS Modules and provide the most accurate location data.

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