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PlotProjects USP

PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions depend on multiple location services. It functions even when the app runs in the background mode or it has been actively killed. The accuracy of their plugin is about 10 meters, which makes it highly accurate.

It can be easily integrated into the organization's app and mobile marketing campaigns can be run instantly to target the app users anywhere across the globe. The app is suitable for all platforms and it also has the ability to categorize different types of users, so that specific messages could be delivered to the relevant group of users. 

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PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions help organizations in gathering location intelligence which helps them in understanding their user behaviours in the real world. It helps users in devising strategies to reach out to them with the help of location-based notifications. The Plot Dashboard enables businesses to handle their notifications, geofences and statistics. PlotProjects pricing is flexible and it is suitable for all budgets.

Plot Plugin also allows professionals to modify their notifications and also, it is relatively simple to implement. 

PlotProjects Pricing

PlotProjects Pricing comes in three attractive variants. A brief description of all the three PlotProjects pricing plans has been provided below:

PlotProjects Pricing for Developer version – Free

It includes:
< 1.000 geofences
< 10.000 MTU*
1 user
1 app

PlotProjects Pricing for Growth version – Max €0.01 / MTU* and Mac €0.01 / geofence.

It includes:
< 10.000 geofences
< 100.000 MTU*
Unlimited users
2 apps

PlotProjects Pricing for Enterprise version – Custom pricing.

It Includes:
> 10.000 geofences
> 100.000 MTU*
Unlimited users
Unlimited apps

For more details about their PlotProjects pricing plans, please contact the company.

PlotProjects Demo

PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions offers a 30 minute customised demo, which remains specific to the requirements of the business. The company also also offers a 14 day free trial for PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions that allows users to access their dashboard and explore more about the solution.


Following are some of the many features that PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions offer:

Enabling/Disabling Plot

  • PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions allow users to decide when to enable or disable the plot plugin
  • The users can do this through the config file when the plot plugin is set or they can enable or disable it programmatically any they want


  • iBeacon helps users to broadcast its presence over BLE devices
  • It helps businesses to send notifications when users are near an iBeacon
  • iBeacons also allows businesses to target users within smaller ranges, for example inside a store or another building

Data Campaigns

  • Data campaigns have been created for a specific purpose that is to gather insights about the user’s location activity
  • It also includes two sub-types of campaigns that are are Listening campaigns and Attribution campaigns.

Geotrigger Handler

  • PlotProjects Geofencing Solutions offers geotrigger handler makes enables businesses to define their own custom triggers whenever the device enters a geofence or enters in the range of an iBeacon
  • Businesses can also filter geotriggers based on their own logic and leverage the geotrigger handler as a trigger for their own custom events in their app

Notification handler

  • PlotProjectss Geofencing Solutions also provides notification handler that enables businesses to decide an action when the user taps on a notification delivered by Plot
  • When no notification handler is stated, it will treat the data attached to the notification as URI and that URI will be opened

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