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SIMPLIFI Geofencing Solutions


Simpli.fi offers solutions for advertisement campaigns using its advanced data-driven solutions. Simpli.fi offers the geofencing technology that helps businesses in customizing the requirements of their target audience through dynamic targeting and various geofencing shapes, such as square, circle, and pentagon. For better precision and seamless geofencing services, the company makes use of unstructured data and programmatic infrastructure. Event targeting is used to target an audience within a geofenced area at a specified date and time of an event, and accordingly, push relevant advertisements to those customers on their mobile phones, tabs, and other devices. Event targeting can also be used at sports stadiums, convention centers, parks, and ceremonies.


Simpli.fi's offers Conversion Zones, a competent tool for tracking online to offline conversions in mobile advertising. By outlining a virtual conversion zone about a location, advertisers can monitor the amount of physical traffic at a location. The company's event targeting solution,  precisely targets customers from an event. Simpli.fi's geofencing is highly accurate. The company's targeting solution relies on plat line data from property tax and public land surveying information. 

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SIMPLIFI Presence in Geofencing Solutions
Simpli.fi offers competent geofencing solutions for its commercial clients, which enable businesses to customize the requirements of their audience using custom targeting shapes, with precise location details. The company is focused on providing precise services for geofencing, which is evident from the fact that recently in 2016, the company added the event targeting feature to its portfolio of geofencing solutions. To offer a broader spectrum of location-based services, the company offers detailed insights into the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. To keep up with the competitors and stand apart in terms of service offerings, Simpli.fi offers detailed reports, which include campaign conversion rates, neutral conversion rates, geo conversion lifts, new user campaign conversion lifts, and information on neutral days. Usually, these types of details are available with much larger budgets and leverage panel-based attribution, but Simpli.fi makes it available to its commercial clients at lesser budgets.

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