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THUMBVISTA in Geofencing Solutions

Thumbvista Overview

Thumbvista offers innovative solutions for mobile marketing with the help of geofencing. The company offers mobile marketing ads on smartphones for iOS and Android operating systems over a mobile ad network. It helps businesses to narrow down their desired areas for advertising down to 100 meters and helps them to target the devices in that range in accordance with actions, such as calls, app downloads, recent searches, and landing pages. The company also provides solutions such as traditional geo-targeting and interest based targeting techniques by leveraring its contextual and behavior targeting.

Thumbvista USP

The company offers the facility of setting up multiple geofences, along with targeting features, to trigger advertisements for the desired customer base. Moreover, it provides reports to the marketers about the performance of their campaign, including the impressions, Click-through Rate (CTR), and other such useful information. It helps organizations to : Create geofences at events, airports/hotels, or even around their competitors; Target potential customers based on their demographics, hobbies and interests.

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Thumbvista Presence in Geofencing Solutions
The company is focused on providing mobile marketing solutions to target customer groups. Thumbvista makes its mobile marketing initiatives using digital banner ads on Android or Apple phones. The company provides solutions to tap the potential customers in a location, with which it collects insights gained from past experiences to help marketers better the campaign success rate. The company’s clients include Papa John’s, GEICO, American Red Cross, Shell, Dunkin Donuts, Subaru, and Domino’s. Thumbvista has service agreements with leading mobile phone carriers, such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. The company has strong focus on various industry verticals, such as transportation and logistics, banking and financial services, media and entertainment, and government and defense.

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