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Drag Help Desk
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Drag Help Desk USP

The best thing about Drag Help Desk Software is that it can bring together every single email on one page that is understandable and can be customized as per need. Moreover, with the ability of an unlimited number of users working on the same platform, it can be scaled to any extent. 

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Drag Help Desk Software is software that transitions Gmail into a Kanban board that helps you manage the inflow and outflow of the business emails. If not for drag like software the user will have to switch between tabs for sending one email to another. With this solution integrated into Gmail, everything can be handled from one single window and that too with accuracy and swiftness.

Drag Pricing

Both smaller teams and larger organizations need to look at the Drag Pricing as they have two different plans. For smaller teams, the price is $15 per user/month. The same for larger organizations is $99 per company/month. These plans and packages offer unlimited shared inboxes and other such features. 

Drag Demo

You can also use Drag Help Desk Software for free, but that will only be limited to single users, one shared board, and limited functionalities. Apart from this, you can also avail of a 14-day free trial before switching on to the premium version.

Drag Features

Apart from its prominent features, Drag Pricing is also one of the reasons why businesses are using it.

Visualizes the Emails: Since it turns the inbox into a Kanban board, it is easier to configure the emails in cards and columns for easy management. With every important email right in front of the user, there won’t be any chances of miscommunication. 

Task Management: If all the emails are sorted, it will become easier to finish all the tasks with efficiency. All the emails are tasks and actions that need to be taken. With this software, you can effectively manage and monitor these tasks. 

Ease of use: Drag is as simple to work with as it gets. The whole interface is converted into different boards. The managers and team leaders will get all the required information about the team in one place.

Track Performance: Since the emails are converted into tasks and activities, it is easy to track them. You can create dedicated team boards and add as many into these boards who are a part of that specific work segment.


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Drag Help Desk Reviews


James Smith

Apr 29, 2020

“Pricing structure”

I like the fact that Drag pricing is set for users and companies separately. It gives us more leverage and better options.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“All tasks are complete”

Ever since I have brought my team on Drag, we have never faced any issue with customer support.
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