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LogMeIn Rescue
Boston, Massachusetts, US
$500MN to $1BN
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LogMeIn Rescue USP

The USP of LogMeln Rescue is that it always uses the latest available version in terms of IT architecture and security. All the customer communication between the IT developer and the customer is SSL encrypted. LogMeln is a legitimate company which adheres to the security norms of Safe Harbor Privacy Principles by the US Department of Commerce. Request LogMeIn Rescue Pricing to get more information.


LogMeln Rescue is one of the promising easy-to-use remote customer support solutions mainly used for PCs, mobile devices, and Macs. It is built with an aim to serve companies of all sizes with an advanced customer service approach. It is there to assist your employees with technical help which is reliable, faster, and user-friendly.

LogMeIn Rescue Pricing 

LogMeln Rescue Pricing is quite affordable which comes with a free trial but you won't find a free version of the same. It starts from at an approximate value of $149 per month, per user. You can choose the LogMeIn Rescue Pricing package as per your convenience and according to your business needs.

LogMeIn Rescue Demo

LogMeln Rescue comes with a demo which includes powerful infrastructure for companies to connect with any devices within seconds. It also comes with best LogMeIn Rescue Pricing features like transparency, reliability, and security that can be remotely connected to ensure proper IT compliance.

LogMeIn Rescue Features

LogMeln Rescue comes with some of the worth mentioning features.

CRM Integration: It comes with CRM integration to provide a single customer view. With CRM Integration, it becomes easy to monitor customer data and interactions compiling the whole customer journey. With a fully integrated CRM system, it becomes easy to track the entire business movement such as shipping applications, billing system and order status.

Ticketing System: LogMeln comes with proper ticketing systems to improve customer support operations. With an advanced ticketing system, companies are able to get an organized history of service events.

Remote Diagnostics: Log Meln can help companies with the attribute of remote diagnostics. It can help to improve complicated software errors and can provide help instantly. With remote assistance, Log Meln can help to increase response time, minimize cost and focus on business productivity.

Interactive Video Support: LogMeln comes with interactive video support for honest interaction with the customers.  Log Meln video interactive response can help customers to get complete support assistance for their concerned queries.


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LogMeIn Rescue
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LogMeIn Rescue Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Great Transferability”

LogMeIn Rescue support works great when it''s connected from the mobile device to the home computer.
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Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Great Customer Support”

The customer support initiation by LogMeIn Rescue is the best for its ability to bridge the gap between tech support and the customers.
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