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Mojo Helpdesk
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Mojo Helpdesk USP

One of the primary USPs of this software is the reasonable Mojo Helpdesk Pricing. Other than that, the software provides excellent management tools, for both tickets and user data. It allows users to set targets, provides them with reports and insights, and allows for automated functions like pre-formatted responses and auto-assign or auto-comment to increase productivity and decrease time consumption.

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Mojo Helpdesk is an ASP software or application service provider that provides solutions for customer services. The software integrates tools like customization, extensive management, and automated functions to make customer services into an efficient and less time-consuming task while satisfying customers just the same. It is easy to use, provides satisfactory and quick services, and is additionally suitable for all types and sizes of businesses. 

Mojo Helpdesk Pricing 

Mojo Helpdesk has multiple plans for users. It provides a free version of the software, called the Mini-Me version, for up to three agents. Other than that, there are three plans including Mojo Professional, Mojo Enterprise and Mojo Unlimited. The Mojo Helpdesk Pricing ranges from $29 to $129 per month for up to twenty agents, for the Professional and Enterprise plans. Moreover, for up to a hundred agents, the Mojo Helpdesk Pricing range changes to $109 to $369 per month. In addition to that, Mojo Helpdesk provides a plan for up to one thousand agents, at $399 per month. 

Mojo Helpdesk Demo

Mojo Helpdesk does provide a personalised demo for all users. This demo version is free and lasts up to 14 days.

Mojo Helpdesk Features

Mojo features are enlisted below. 

Data Management: Allows the storage of information, including all types of file uploads, in a single place to provide easy access. Provides the feature of email integration 

Knowledge Base and Automated Functions: Provides a self-service portal for customers with a database of questions and answers. Allows users to set pre-formatted responses for customer queries

Customer-Oriented Features: Allows organising customer ratings according to agents, groups, and more. Manage customer data, including their contact information, passwords, and staff notes

Targets and Reports: Allows agents to set SLA or service level agreement targets. Provides metrics and reports on performances, including insights for strategizing 


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Mojo Helpdesk
78 Buyers Negotiating
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Mojo Helpdesk Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Simple Yet Effective”

Mojo Helpdesk allows users to organise their data in one place and make it easily accessible. It is easy to use and provides prompt, efficient tools for productivity.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Affordable and Great Customer Service”

Mojo Helpdesk plans are available at extremely affordable rates, and it functions well. Other than that, the team behind their customer service is quite friendly.
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