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SalesAutoPilot USP

A major USP of SalesAutoPilot Help Desk Software is its support rep screen on which all the relevant details about the clients are made available pronto. It has an Affiliate system to help its customers in developing reseller programs with the least technical support. It ensures that they focus on strengthening their businesses through its quick, reliable and efficient services. Request SalesAutoPilot Pricing to get more information.


SalesAutoPilot is a help desk management software that automates and liberates businesses. The software keeps evolving through users’ inputs. It is an all-in-one e-mail marketing and CRM automation software. The economical SalesAutoPilot pricing and exciting features provide a simple and sophisticated platform for its customers. It improves the productivity of its customers’ sales teams through its automation features and provides memorable experiences.

SalesAutoPilot Pricing

SalesAutoPilot pricing is fair and economical. It provides a fully functional trial account for unlimited time at its own cost. Its E-mail Marketing price begins at $14 per month. It provides for unlimited e-mailing. Its Automation plan begins at $29 per month with the same e-mailing quantity. Its E-commerce and CRM plan begins at $44 per month. The pricing plans are in line with leading competitors in the market. For the best pricing plans, contact the vendor.

SalesAutoPilot Demo

SalesAutoPilot Help Desk Software offers a free trial to prospective customers endlessly. It includes four hundred e-mails per month in the E-mail Marketing Module. This can be extended, besides when there is a need for more users, by switching to its Starter or Pro plans.

SalesAutoPilot Features

Some of the amazing features of SalesAutoPilot Help Desk Software are listed below.

Marketing Robot Pilot: Gives orders to the software on clients’ doing/not doing certain things. Does away with the need of consultants and developers to implement features.

Multi-Channel Communication Module: Auto generates printable PDFs with customized content. Enables creation of personalized letters, envelopes, printable certificates, greeting cards and more. Integrates SMS sending to enable real-time communication.

Sophisticated Automation: Enables reselling and upselling through automation. Enables handling of categories, integration with card processors and product handling.

Different Types of Forms: Provides four types of forms. Accepts payments through credit cards. 


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SalesAutoPilot Reviews


Buyer, Ecommerce

Apr 29, 2020

“Productive Affiliate Marketing”

Besides economical Sales Auto Pilot pricing, it provides open and closed affiliate programs. Partners can be added to the latter either manually or through an embedded form on a website to allow people to sign up for it.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 29, 2020


Helpdesk and customer support are integral to their marketing system. It schedules and segments all communication channels and handles all modes of communication as one seamless process.
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