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IP Scanner
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IP Scanner USP

It is a legitimate tool that is used by many hackers to open respective IP addresses. If one finds a message such as “ErrorI could not see your service on port”, it indicates that the port is open and in use. Subnet mask consist of 24 bits and address is written as

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It is a tool that is used for networking and scanning IP addresses and retrieves various information of the respective devices on the network. It is useful for network administrators to monitor and manage the network. It is cross-platform and lightweight that can be freely copied and used anywhere.

IP Scanner Pricing:

It is free and open-source software that an individual can use at its own risk. Advanced IP Scanner can be downloaded free of cost. As there are many websites that offer free software tools for its customers on a trial basis.


Administrator scans the port and sends a message to each port to check its network coverage. The scanner communicates and sends messages to all its ports associated with the system.


Scanner Features of the software:

  • Mac Address Detection
    • Open command “prompt”. Enter command “ipconfig” for Mac and “ ifconfig” for Linux.
    • Input the command “arp-a” and input the command “ping-t”.
  • The right tool for IP address scanning:
    • Try to manage hundreds of IP addresses across subnets. Get alerts when address conflicts occur.
    • Gain an overview of subnets and open addresses. It automatically discovers IP location and reassigns various devices. 
  • Multi-platform support:
    • IP detail tracks its history to ensure date data.
    • Capable of managing IPv4 and Ipv6 addresses.
  • Fast scanning speed:
    • Fully configured and port scan to obtain information about text life. 
    • Powered with multi-thread technology to ping each Ip address at related speed. 


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IP Scanner
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