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Micro Focus NetIQ Identity Manager Reviews & Product Details

  • Washington, USA
  • 1975
  • More than $100 BN
BFSI, Education, Manufacturing, Energy and Power, Retail and Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Life Sciences, IT and Telecom, Government and Public Sector
Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America
Company Overview
Microsoft Identity Manager helps organizations to handle the users, credentials, policies, and access within the organization.  Features include:
  • Enables strong authentication - It reduces the risk of security breaches by providing strong authentication and turns on one of the many Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) options to protect users from 99.9 percent of the identity attacks. 
  • Enforces intelligent access policies - It uses cloud-powered AI and machine learning signals to automatically protect against identity risks before providing access. Limits access, not productivity, and uses adaptive policies to protect data.   
  • Monitors and audits access - It manages identities efficiently and securely by ensuring that the right people have the right access to the right resources. It protects, monitors, and audits access to critical assets while helping ensure employee productivity. 
  • Connects and protects applications - It grants one-click access to all on-premises and cloud apps with single sign-on without the need for the workforce to remember and enter individual account passwords.

Microsoft Corporation is a global provider of identity & access management solutions. The company's on-premises identity & access management solutions help businesses in synchronizing identities between directories, data bases, and applications. It also provides the authentication of password and certificate management. Microsoft, with its vast identity & access management solutions portfolio, caters the needs of customers.

Evaluated against 72 key buying criteria
  • Product Maturity / Features and Functionality / Features
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  • Product Maturity / Services / Access
    Monitor and audit access
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  • Browser Extension
  • BYOD support
  • Mobile App Integration
  • Multi-Device Use
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Quick Login
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Authentication User experience
  • Endpoint access
  • Federation/SAML support (idp)
  • Federation/SAML support (sp)
  • Local Access
  • Multi-Domain Support
  • Multiple Operating system support
  • Partner Access
  • No Weaknesses
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#1 Features and Functionality / Features
#2 Features / Single sign-on (SSO)
#3 Functionality / Mobile App Integration
#4 Features and Functionality / Functionality
#5 Functionality / Quick Login


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