RSA SecurID® Access
Massachusetts, USA
$101MN to $500MN
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RSA SecurID® Access USP

RSA SecurID Access  delivers constant access assurance for enterprises to confirm that users across the organization have the proper level of access. By providing visibility across islands of identity in the blended cloud and on-premises environment, RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle authorizes business users to take action swiftly and easily to address risky access situations with the highest business impact in order to reduce business risk and ensure compliance.

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RSA SecurID Suite allows businesses to lessen identity risk and uphold compliance without impacting user productivity. It assures that the users have apt access. In addition, RSA SecurID Suite provides combined visibility and control across the entire organization. 

Features include:  
  • Pervasive Visibility and Control - RSA SecurID Access instantly onboards new applications using wizard-based connectors that leverage leading integration standards such as SAML, password vaulting, and RADIUS.
  • Modern Multi-Factor Authentication - RSA SecurID Access offers a wide range of authentication options to support the needs of the modern workforce. It ranges from the well-known RSA hardware and software tokens, to mobile-enabled push notifications, one-time passcode (OTP), biometric fingerprint, and face as well as SMS and FIDO tokens.
  • Risk-based Authentication - RSA SecurID Access offers risk-based authentication supported by machine-learning algorithms. The risk engine considers information about user access, device, applications and behaviour, and provides the confidence that users are who they claim to be, based on comparing the current access request with the history of the user.
  • Assurance Levels - The RSA solution offers security and convenience by setting up authentication policies intuitively based on low, medium, and high levels of risk. Low-risk scenarios need low levels of assurance, while higher risk instances may require different, more secure types of access controls.


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RSA SecurID® Access
72 Buyers Negotiating
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    Identity Governance & Lifecycle
  • +6
    SecurID Access
  • +5
    Identity Governance & Lifecycle
  • +14
  • +9
    Mobile App Integration
  • +12
    Multi-Factor Authentication
  • +5
    Password Vault
  • +7
    Quick Login
  • +13
    Single sign-on (SSO)
  • +6
    Authentication User experience
  • +12
    Cross Browser support
  • +13
    Endpoint access
  • +11
    Multi-Domain Support
  • +5
    Remote Access
  • +7
    Supports Required Authentication systems
  • +7
  • +6
  • +10
    Multi-Device Use
  • +6
    Partner Access
  • -14
    simple, secure Active Directory management
  • -11
    speed to deploy is very fast
  • -14
    Costly, sticky, complex deployment and management
  • -13
    Password change
  • -12
    Password reset
  • -11
    Admin Management
  • -8
    Browser Extension
  • -14
    BYOD support
  • -8
    Federation/SAML support (idp)
  • -9
    Federation/SAML support (sp)
  • -14
    Local Access
  • -10
    Multiple Operating system support
  • -5
    Fail over protection
  • -8
    Third Party Web Services support
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