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GeoMoby Indoor Location Software includes microfencing solutions, which can be easily integrated with mobiles apps. GeoMoby is a geo-location platform that enables businesses to take advantage of geo-location advertising. GeoMoby's technology addresses privacy concerns by not recording any personal information and uses encryptions to ensure that the collected data is truly safe. The company offers solutions to enterprises, which help enterprises take business decisions based on the insights obtained from the microfencing technology. This helps in driving more business and increasing profits for the company. The company's solution is also used for indoor mobile advertising. GeoMoby is self-funded and spends toward the improvement of products according to the feedback it receives from its customers. Request GEOMOBY Pricing to get more information.


Geomoby specializes in mobile solutions, mobile marketing, location-based services, Android, iOS, and push notifications. GeoMoby is a technology company, pioneering in the delivery of location-based services. The company offers geofencing and microfencing solutions. The company provides Indoor Geofencing, which comes equipped with advanced processing and bluetooth beacons and works well even in complex environments. GeoMoby also offers Activity Monitoring, which is another industry leading Indoor Positioning System, that helps businesses with all their personnel and asset tracking requirements. 

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +7 Managed
  • +6 Subscription / Licensing
  • +9 RF Based (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)
  • +10 Sensor and Tag Based
  • +13 Cloud
  • +8 Professional
  • +5 Full Time Equivalent
  • +9 Context Accelerator
  • +14 Customer Support
  • +8 Location Analytics
  • +12 Others
  • +10 Other tools
  • +5 Sales Support
  • +11 Satellite/Remote Sensing, and Microwave
  • +13 Technical Support
  • +7 Visualization (Indoor Maps, Monitoring, and Navigation)
  • +12 New Product Launches
  • +14 On-Premise
  • +11 Product Upgradation
  • +7 Any other, please specify
  • -11 Articles and Blogs
  • -10 Email Branding
  • -5 Enhance year on year growth
  • -14 Increase Revenue
  • -9 Mobile apps
  • -12 Other, please specify
  • -8 Social Media Platforms
  • -6 Sustain in competition
  • -13 To Enhance Customers base
  • -6 Other support services
  • -7 Per User Basis
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Top Features

  1. Services Offered / Managed
  2. Technology Offered / RF Based (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)
  3. Technology Offered / Sensor and Tag Based
  4. Delivery Model / Subscription / Licensing
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