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STMicroelectronics Indoor Location Software reviews


STMicroelectronics offers the industry leading indoor and undercover navigation solutions through smartphones and wearables. 
 - Provides an all-in-one eCompass that delivers enhanced accuracy with superior temperature stability
 - eCompass also helps users in calculating the location when satellite signals are unavailable, such as inside buildings or when running or cycling under tree cover. 
 - By integrating high-performance MEMS accelerometer, the solution saves space and power compared to existing alternatives

ST’s LSM303AGR eCompass reduces the heading error to less than 4°, by making use of the company’s proprietary technology for manufacturing high-accuracy magnetic sensors. 


STMicroelectronics offers MEMS and sensors for various applications, such as navigation and positioning, in the indoor location market. MEMS and sensors are used in low-power consumption and battery-operated devices, such as smartphones. The sensors improve the accuracy of multiaxis sensor systems, thus enabling the execution of indoor navigation and location-based services. MEMS consist of microelectromechanical sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometers (such as LIS344ALH, LIS2DH, LIS2DE, and LIS2DH12), microphones, digital compasses, pressure sensors, humidity sensors, and inertial modules. STMicroelectronics offers MEMS and sensors for various applications, such as navigation and positioning, in the indoor location market. 

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