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Parsey USP

Parsey Integration Software is a software that stirs sophistication in terms of SaaS platform, it’s a system of authentic deep hook integrations that allow the users to connect authentically across platforms covering a meaningful ground. This allows the entrepreneurs to launch themselves high across the corporate field facilitating global success every day.

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Parsey Integration Software is an authentic user-friendly software that links the businesses of entrepreneurs with a system of tools across multiple platforms. Our platform links and integrates a thousand SaaS-based applications fluently with the specific CRM or some marketing automation software with an amount of almost zero codings involved in the process.

Parsey pricing

Parsey pricing is very economically friendly and affordable for young or developing entrepreneurs as well, it has an initial monthly billing system of around thirty dollars ( $30) which offers the users 20 flows. There are many more efficient deals in terms of flows. For better Parsey pricing plans, contact the vendor. For the best Parsey pricing plans, contact the vendor.

Parsey demo

It is very user friendly with a system of collecting some basic information from the users and incorporating them in a system of accounts. After that, it efficiently gives you access to an organized system of wonders leading to connections.

Features of Parsey

Some of the powerful features of Parsey Integration Software are:

 A robust email parser  
  • Extraction of data from any particular text from any HTML document, email or any other subject matter is at your fingertips
  • It is extremely credible in terms of efficiency

Deep hook platform integration
  • While other software may go far and wide and cover a much greater number of platforms with a very non-credible and shallow integration, Parsey believes in deep and focused terms of integration.
  • It covers very specific platforms but goes and places its integration very deeply when it does so.

  • It has a very transparent visibility connection with the users helping them maintain a very thorough account of what's happening with the emails and webhooks.
  • It has efficiency in terms of visibility that includes both normal emails and parsed ones.  

Multiple level filters available
  • Authentic filters are this software's most logical tool.
  • It has the ability to allow the users to enable a wide construction of actions based on the conditions they decide.
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Parsey Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Great customer service”

Parsey sends a personalized, one-on-one, on-boarding session which is followed by an impeccable customer service department.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“No coding required”

Parsey exists to integrate the apps that are already being used without the need for coding or hiring expensive developers. The intuitive interface allows users to build powerful automation with just a few clicks.
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