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CISCO IoT Management Software


Cisco Jasper majorly focuses on cellular connected devices to provide real-time control and visibility for launching and managing IoT deployments both on the cloud and on premises. The Jasper platform allows organizations to lower their TCO, improve service reliability, ensure enterprise grade security and protection, and enhance IoT service monetization. Furthermore, it helps achieve actionable insights, faster problem resolution, and low power devices deployment.


In June 2017, Cisco launched the Cisco Kinetic to streamline IoT data management. Cisco Kinetic is an IoT operations platform providing integrated solutions for connection management and fog computing. It ensures data delivery for all types of IoT connected devices. Cisco Kinetic leverages the company’s IoT platform portfolio by including wired and wireless devices into the IoT system. Apart from its IoT platform portfolio, the company also offers Cisco Jasper, an IoT connectivity platform, to fulfill customer requirements in the IoT data management market.

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CISCO SYSTEMS INC Presence in Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management Solutions
In today’s digital world, data is any organization’s most strategic asset. This data is increasingly distributed across the business ecosystem, organization sphere, customer premises, and cloud. Thus, managing such dispersed data is important for organizations. Cisco provides integrated solutions to integrate, aggregate, and derive value from highly dispersed data. As part of its transformational strategy, the company focuses on offering integrated architectures and solutions rather than individual products and services. In 2016, Cisco witnessed a 33% increase in its software and subscription-based business revenue. Cisco offers the majority of its products and services through its cloud networking platforms rather than offering onpremises solutions. The company’s business strategy also focuses on market transitions trends such as IoT, security, digital transformation, and SDN. Cisco focuses on providing infrastructure solutions through its blended ecosystem of partners and developers to offer technology, services, and solutions that assist customers in gaining insights and advantages from distributed data. In 2016, the company entered strategic partnerships with Inspur, Ericsson, and Apple. These partnerships are expected to help the company initiate digital transformations for customers by providing highly secure, automated, and intelligent solutions.


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