Horavue is a simple software solution for IoT R&D developers of OEMs, IoT startups, and IoT researchers. It uploads data to the cloud and stores it in the streams, which can be instantly viewed and shared with anyone without the fear of loss. Once data is stored on the cloud, it becomes easy to access from anywhere. Using online visualization tools and dashboards, users can view and discover patterns, relationships, and trends prevailing in data.


In March 2016, LogFuze launched its cloud based analytics platform, Horadata. It enables OEMs to delight their customers by proactively suggesting maintenance schedules. HoraData platform enables revenue generation for service providers by predictive and prescriptive analytics of OEM devices. Customers can avoid downtime and loss of productivity in a manufacturing plant by using HoraData’s predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities. The company’s areas of expertise are manufacturing, cold storage, healthcare, solar, oil and gas, and automotive. Horavue is a cloud-based IoT visualization software from LogFuze that allows enterprises to store, view, and analyze IoT data, thereby paving the way for creating innovative solutions and providing analytics.

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LOGFUZE INC Presence in Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management Solutions
LogFuze Inc. was founded in 2013 and its headquarters are in Michigan, US. LogFuze provides the HoraData IoT analytics platform. HoraData helps reduce device downtime, based on predictive analytics. With the HoraData platform, users can access an integrated data analytics platform that offers remote monitoring. The platform also provides integration support with major CRM, ERP, help desks, and BI. HoraData helps OEM support teams with troubleshooting, and facilitates operations, asset, and business optimization features, including predictive analytics and business analytics. The HoraData platform is built in with the capability of integrating a wide variety of complex machine data volumes to deliver key business intelligence to customers. Data acquired from various sources is stored in distributed scalable big data infrastructure. The HoraData API provides real-time visualization of incoming data. Reports are generated periodically and can also be customized. An important feature of the HoraData platform is that it informs customers about their actual business problems. Correlation alert notifications provided by the platform offer meaningful insights into business problems, which are otherwise not noticed. HoraData provides detailed data analytics. By using HoraData analytics, enterprises can achieve minimal or zero downtime.

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