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Anypoint is MuleSoft’s flagship integration platform. It is a highly productive, hybrid integration platform, which is instrumental in creating an application network for apps, data, and devices. In combination with Mule Engine, the Anypoint Platform enables data integration and orchestration directly on heterogeneous devices. It also supports reliable connection to IoT cloud services and supplementary back-end applications in the data center or cloud. Request MULESOFT INC Pricing to get more information.


The platform is instrumental in converting ordinary devices, including POS systems and vending machines, into smart connected devices, thereby providing a reliable converged platform for data and system integration, and smooth communication within heterogeneous devices.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +5 Data Integration
  • +10 others
  • +13 Consulting Services
  • +14 Support and Maintenance Services
  • +11 Hybrid
  • +10 Private
  • +14 Customer support service
  • +7 Support Training
  • +10 Monthly
  • +8 Other Industry Verticals
  • +14 Smart Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • +5 Smart Retail
  • +13 Product Innovation
  • +11 Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
  • +14 Focus on Product Innovation
  • +13 Product Quality and Reliability
  • +14 R&D Spend
  • +12 Product Features and Functionality
  • +6 Data Analytics and Visualization
  • +9 Data Migration
  • -8 Data Security
  • -7 Metadata Management
  • -13 Large Enterprises
  • -12 Managed Services
  • -8 On-Site Support
  • -9 Remote Support
  • -12 SME's
  • -9 Public
  • -5 Documentation
  • -6 Support Program
  • -13 Annually
  • -12 Bi-Annually
  • -14 Others, please specify
  • -11 Quarterly
  • -13 Building and Home Automation
  • -7 Connected Logistics
  • -11 Smart Energy and Utilities
  • -12 Smart Manufacturing
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MULESOFT INC presence in Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management Solutions

In line with its product development strategy, MuleSoft has developed and launched reliable IoT integration platforms and services to expand its offerings and accelerate the adoption of IoT in the global market. Recently, in April 2017, MuleSoft launched Crowd, the new version of the Anypoint Integration Platform. This new launch offers self-service integration services, empowering enterprises and IT teams to save business processing time and self-serve IT assets to build its application networks. Under the inorganic growth strategies, MuleSoft is focused on entering into partnerships and collaborations with market leaders. In April 2017, MuleSoft collaborated with Appian, a leading digital platform provider, to enhance integration connectivity, enabling enterprises to easily integrate and connect applications, data, and devices for maximizing business productivity and enhancing customer experience.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Industry Coverage
  2. Product Features and Functionality / Deployment Model
  3. Services / Support and Maintenance Services
  4. Solution Features / Data Integration
  5. Solution Features / others
  6. Industry Coverage / Smart Healthcare and Life Sciences
  7. Industry Coverage / Smart Retail
  8. Industry Coverage / Other Industry Verticals
  9. Deployment Model / Private
  10. Deployment Model / Hybrid
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