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STRIIM in Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management Solutions

STRIIM Overview

Striim is a non-intrusive, enterprisestrength offering that combines streaming integration and intelligence into a single platform. Streaming data can be enriched for instant context, at speed and at scale. The entire platform can be built using an SQL-like language.


The Striim platform is an end-to-end streaming data integration and operational intelligence solution that enables continuous processing and streaming of analytics. It adds structure, logic, and rules to streaming data. It also defines the time window for analysis, detects outliers, visualizes events of interest, and triggers alerts and automated workflows – all within milliseconds.

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STRIIM Presence in Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management Solutions
Striim has adopted various organic and inorganic strategies to grow in the IoT data management market. In April 2017, Striim launched version 3.7 of its end-to-end, real-time data integration and streaming analytics platform. This release focused on facilitating real-time, hybrid cloud integration and simplified the management of applications running on streaming data. The platform includes several hybrid cloud integrations with Microsoft data solutions running on Azure, and enhanced application-to-database management through dynamic schema evolution. Striim also provides metered data integration solutions with Azure storage to facilitate real-time collection and movement of data from a wide variety of onpremises sources, including enterprise databases via log-based CDC to the Azure storage.

Top STRIIM Features

#1 Product Features and Functionality / Industry Coverage
#2 Product Features and Functionality / Organization Size
#3 Product Features and Functionality / Deployment Model
#4 Solution Features / Data Integration
#5 Industry Coverage / Smart Energy and Utilities


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