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Xpert Inventory Management Software allows taking a single centralized approach to inventory, integrating data from multiple channels and domains in a single place for easy access and control. This is broken down through a multi-channel approach, by creating a number of users, companies, branches, warehouses, currencies, languages, and even date-time formats for each. The streamlining is further facilitated by Xpert’s portability, including the mobile application. 

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Xpert inventory management software offers an extensive panorama of unique features aimed at complete warehouse automation. Assisting in the purchase, order management, and sales, along with providing additional financial information, intelligent reports, and low stock alerts, it functions as a one-stop solution for all things inventory. 

Xpert Inventory Management Software is also highly portable for hand-held devices and mobile applications, making it simpler to use for the highly mobile workforce. 

Xpert Pricing

Xpert pricing is not disclosed by the company. Users can contact the customer service to know about the Xpert pricing plans and can get a competitive quote for their requirements.

Xpert Demo

No free trial is available for Xpert. Although users can request a call from the vendor to know more about the working and functionalities.


Inventory Optimization- Coordinated inventory management suited for the needs of MSMEs across various industries for smooth functioning. Conducts stock transfers, stock adjustments, and low stock intimation to help businesses grow.

Purchase Management- Includes purchase module to simplify processes of generating purchase order of purchasing for different departments. Integrates purchasing with the main workflow of inventory.

Warehouse Management- Address queries and obtains results easily. Effortless retrieval of data regarding site and location of inventory items.

Accounts Monitoring- Connects financial information to inventory for easy maintenance of accounts. Acts as any Accounting Software with complete features.

Sales Operations- Minimizes errors in sales through validations and autofill systems. Customize sales bill including details such as tax, discounts, and extra charges

Multichannel Integration- Channelize multiple users, companies, branches, sites, and currencies in a single locale. Control over specific details that pertain to each category is possible in one place.

Mobility- The simplified mobile application makes it easy to update and retrieve information on the go. Dedicated mobile application for the production department for real-time information.


  • +14
    API/Web Service
  • +6
    Collaborative Inventory
  • +14
    Customer Pricing
  • +13
  • +13
    Multi-Carrier Shipping
  • +10
    Purchase Order
  • +5
    Reporting and Analytics
  • +8
    Report Integration
  • +11
    Supplier Management
  • +11
    24/7 Customer Support
  • +12
    Advanced Inventory Tagging
  • +13
    Audit Trail
  • +7
    Automatic Stock-out Reports
  • +12
  • +9
  • +5
    Cycle Counting
  • +6
    Demand forecasting
  • +7
  • +9
  • +12
    Integration and Synchronization
  • -6
    Kitting and Product Bundling
  • -10
    Multichannel Sales
  • -10
  • -9
    Order Editing
  • -5
    Order Picking
  • -8
  • -11
    Product Categorization
  • -13
    Product History
  • -12
    Product Measurement

XPERT Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 24, 2020

“Thanks to its unique features”

Xpert has made business easy like no other. The organization of users and companies on the software makes it easy to store and retrieve our information on a day-to-day basis
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James Smith

Apr 24, 2020

“Xpert makes it easy to work on the go”

As the mobile application turns our phones into inventory management devices. The ease and flexibility of the software make it my go-to option for all inventory needs.
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