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Agile CRM Landing Page Builders USP

AGILE provides the best landing page builders. AGILE landing page builder holds a global network of 15,000 customers and 170,000 users. Its modernized features make it easy to implement stunning webpages. It offers great support at an economical rate. This software avoids data leaks and data redundancy. Moreover, its extensive customer support features provide a personalized experience to all customers and keep them satisfied.

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AGILE landing page builder is an all-in-one, comprehensive customer relationship management software that computerizes sales, marketing, and services using a single platform. With extremely modern features, this software also enables users to integrate social media handles in the most optimum way. Businesses of all sizes and magnitudes can easily use this software. This software uses a mobile-ready, fast, and easy to use cloud-based SaaS service. 

Agile CRM Pricing

Agile CRM Pricing varies from $14.99 to $47.99 and can be tailored for small businesses as well as large scale enterprises. 


  • Free- For ten users
  • Starter- $14.99
  • Regular- $49.99
  • Enterprise- $79.99


  • Free- For ten users
  • Starter- $9.99
  • Regular- $39.99
  • Enterprise- $64.99

Two Years

  • Free- For ten users
  • Starter- $8.99
  • Regular- $29.99
  • Enterprise- $47.99

Agile CRM Pricing offers a cost-effective structure, ensuring increased productivity. 


Agile CRM Demo

The demo for the software can be accessed on the website. A free account can be created by providing particulars such as Name and Email Address. There are pictures to guide the user at every step and demo videos. 


Customized Template Features- Provides a vast range of templates to suit business requirements. Aids in creating beautiful as well as responsive web pages.

Drag and drop designer- Eliminates the need to know programming languages and coding. It helps to create and edit extremely appealing web pages.

Personalized web forms-  Allows customization of forms with the help of checkboxes, drop-down menus, multiple-choice questions, file upload fields, and more.

Responsive Design- Ensures productivity by auto-populating forms with repeatable project data. Allows selective modification of elements for different gadgets (mobiles, tablets, desktops, laptops) to provide the best possible customer experience.

Code Editor- Lets the user edit JS, HTML, and CSS codes directly. Enables the use of the versatile visual editor.


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Agile CRM Landing Page Builders
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  • +9
    Maintenance & Troubleshoot
  • +10
    System Integration
  • +7
  • +7
    Conversion Opportunities
  • +14
    Data Segmentation
  • +8
    Side-By-Side Analysis
  • +11
    CRM Integrations
  • +6
    Drag and Drop
  • +5
    A/B Testing
  • +5
    Search Tracking and Optimization
  • +7
    SEO Management
  • +13
  • +12
    Live Support Chat
  • +11
  • +6
  • +8
  • +10
    Data Quantification
  • +12
    Heat Maps
  • +9
    Mobile Device Analysis
  • +13
    Session Replays
  • -11
    Webpage Element Analysis
  • -8
    Domain Name
  • -13
    E-Commerce Integrations
  • -10
    Email Integrations
  • -7
    HTML Input
  • -9
    No-Code Customization
  • -5
    Pre-Designed Templates
  • -14
    Social Media Integrations
  • -12
    WCM Integrations
  • -11
    Content Management
  • -9
    Form Builder

Agile CRM Landing Page Builders Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

May 04, 2020

“An extremely user-friendly interface with enhanced features”

Organizations of all statues can easily use agile CRM. Free templates, page designers, and code editors make its use simple and within reach.
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Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Superb Performance, coupled with accurate predictive analyses”

Agile CRM can predict sales figures accurately, and organize data efficiently. The software is essential for the sustainable growth of any organization, optimizing performance, and pushing businesses to successful ventures.
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