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AWeber Landing Page Builders
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AWeber Landing Page Builders USP

AWeber is listed in the best landing page builders. A number of users from different fields are using the software AWeber due to its amazing features such as the capability of creating beautiful landing pages for the users. And the AWeber pricing makes it an exclusive buy. Users from different profiles such as fitness, food, and many others can get the software to get started with a landing page online with ease. 

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AWeber is software for landing page building that can be used by the users for creating amazing landing pages for their online business. It helps the users in creating landing pages that are visually attractive quickly and much easily.  The software has easy to use templates and built-in forms to capture the visitors' attention. it's functionality to build landing pages without even a website makes it unique upon landing page builders. Its traffic tracking capabilities and simple drag &  drop feature make it popular among landing page builder.

AWeber Pricing

The vendor offers the service of the first 30 days for free as a trial period. After that, the users can choose upon the plans depending upon the AWeber pricing and the subscribers. 

  1. 0 – 500 subscribers - $19 per month
  2. 501 – 2500 subscribers - $29 per month
  3. 2501 – 5000 subscribers - $49 per month
  4. 5001 – 10000 subscribers - $69 per month
  5. 10001 – 25000 subscribers - $149 per month
For users having more than 25000 the AWeber pricing has to be decided by having a discussion with the support team. 

AWeber Demo

The official website of the AWeber Landing Page Builders offers a number of video guides that can be followed by the users to know the software more. Also, there is an option for the users to request a demo of the software also that can be helpful for the users to know the working of the software. 


Image and Video- Use up the images that are pre-stocked in the software so that any of them can be used for various purposes. Add video of the services or products of the business to explain a story better to the customers online.

Design and Templates- Use templates that are designed professionally to offer a beautiful touch to the pages to attract viewers. Use drag and drop options to design page efficiently and make it impressive for the viewers and customers.

Integrated forms and automated tagging- Uses an integrated sign-up form that can be used on the page for the customers to fill up with ease for tracking purposes. Tag subscribers automatically using the template form so that the contact lists can be managed in a much better way.

Google Analytics- Track audience traffic of the page through the support of Google Analytics as well as Facebook Pixel. Create landing pages without the need for a website.


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AWeber Landing Page Builders
81 Buyers Negotiating
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    Maintenance & Troubleshoot
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    System Integration
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    Conversion Opportunities
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    Data Quantification
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    Data Segmentation
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    Side-By-Side Analysis
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    CRM Integrations
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    Drag and Drop
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    Pre-Designed Templates
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    A/B Testing
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    Content Management
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    Search Tracking and Optimization
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    SEO Management
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    Live Support Chat
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    Heat Maps
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    Mobile Device Analysis
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    Session Replays
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    Webpage Element Analysis
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    Domain Name
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    E-Commerce Integrations
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    Email Integrations
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    HTML Input
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    No-Code Customization
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    Social Media Integrations
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    WCM Integrations
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    Form Builder
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    Guided Selling
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    Real Time Editing
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    Responsive Architecture

AWeber Landing Page Builders Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 04, 2020

“Analytics and Forms”

The reasonably priced feature software is supported by automated forms to help the users and also analytics that is highly helpful in tracking purposes.
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 04, 2020

“Elegant pages”

The software helps the users in creating some amazingly elegant and beautiful landing pages for diverse services and fields.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the key features of AWeber?

Key features offered are- Professionally designed templates, Integrated sign up forms, Centralized image library, Powerfully simple design flexibility, and Create automations.

What is its mode of deployment?

The software has cloud-based deployment.

What are the different pricing plans for AWeber?

Below are different pricing plans- • 0 – 500 subscribers - $19 per month • 501 – 2500 subscribers - $29 per month • 2501 – 5000 subscribers - $49 per month • 5001 – 10000 subscribers - $69 per month • 10001 – 25000 subscribers - $149 per month

Does it provide a trial?

It provides a free trial for 30 days.

Which mobile platforms does AWeber support?

The software supports the following devices: Android, IOS

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