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In the field of the management system, a tool that is created to help improve the departmental integration is Zoho Wiki. This allows the business professionals in a particular company to easily share their resources and information over one internal platform. Using it, people can easily figure out how the different departments are working and improve the activity in the corporation.

Zoho Wiki Pricing

While there is a free demo available, the actual software requires payment for the full use of its features. The structure of the Zoho Wiki pricing is broken down monthly and yearly, depending upon the users. The following are the main payment plans in Zoho Wiki pricing:

  • Monthly- Rs. 180 (Rs. 300 for extra services)
  • Annually- Rs. 3,240 (User pays Rs. 162 per month)
For more details about their pricing plans, please contact the company.

Zoho Wiki Demo

This software does provide a free training method at the beginning for users to adapt to it, before implementing the Zoho Wiki Pricing packages. In this matter, it provides certain features like ZIL Backup, SSL Support, unlimited opportunities to revise the pages, accessible controls, etc. 


Safe and Effective 

  • Stores all the requisite information safely in one platform.
  • Accessible by the members of the particular company, but not those in the entry-level fields or unrelated forums

Central Forum

  • Allows all the members of the organizations to submit their plans and possible ideas in one place
  • Accessible to those in charge of deliberation, thereby creating a systematic network


  • Adaptable to changes and can be used by everyone effectively  
  • Customizes the entire look of the company in factors like the logo, banners, layouts, etc., if that is needed. 

Easy to handle 

  • Does not contain a lot of complicated methods for making the pages
  • Available to every user, and features are made to work with any skill-set


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Zoho Wiki Reviews


Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Easy to customize”

The software allows professionals to make their page look pleasing and well-developed. This makes the look of the company and its validity increase.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Integration of the professionals”

Using this software, the different portions of the company work better together. This creates a sense of camaraderie and business integration inside the organization.
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