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Freshdesk Live Chat Software
California, USA
$101MN to $500MN
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Freshdesk Live Chat Software USP

Freshdesk is a cloud-based help desk system that has valuable solutions for shopper service and satisfaction. It provides a clear and passable interface making it simple. It makes it easy to work on one tag with ability to create personal notes visible only to agents. Email templates help speed up things, and time based rules certify that tickets are being used. The knowledgebase is easy to format and offers some flexibility with hypertext markup language.

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Freshdesk is a cloud-based facility table system that has valuable solutions for shopper service and satisfaction. Freshdesk unifies conversations from email, phone, web, chat and social media. It helps users resolve issues and queries across channels immediately. It generates a visible outline of the users incoming chat volumes and overall team performances. It categorises chats supported topics and passes the shopper requests to the correct teams.

Freshdesk Pricing

Freshdesk pricing plans provide a free app and four price points for varied businesses. All Freshdesk pricing plans include email support and phone support.

Sprout - Free

  • Blossom - $19 per user per month.
  • Garden - $35 per user per month.
  • Estate - $65 per user per month.
  • Forest – $125 per user per month.
  • Field Service Management - $29 per user per month

Freshdesk Demo

A 21-days free trial is provided and conjointly the user will switch to any plan in between those 21-days. Freshdesk also provides email support to it's users that require the same.


Multi-channel options

  • Support for traditional channels like email and phone similarly as stylish channels like chat, forums and social media.
  • Permits every account to possess a multiple custom mailboxes associated with it, that helps to manage all the emails at one place.


  • Provides an internal game mechanics that flip the shopper support job into a fun game for agents.
  • Engages internal game mechanism into monotonous tasks and helps as a differentiator in the help desk market.

Extended Support with Integrations

  • Integrate eCommerce and cloud storage to empower support teams with wealthy information regarding customers.
  • Helps in clinching deals in trendy organisations
Managing Queries 
  • Managing all queries during a single dashboard and queuing based on urgency.
  • Supports self service selections like databases and forums so that customers will have access to  the information required.


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Freshdesk Live Chat Software
68 Buyers Negotiating
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Freshdesk Live Chat Software Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Easy to Navigate”

merely integrates with custom domains for seamless shopper enterprise. It additionally permits for good branding of shopper portal.
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

Apr 30, 2020

“Customer Support Automation”

Provides a tag system that is in favour of rising the capacities of attention to inconveniences and doubts.
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