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tawk.to Live Chat Software is a free live-chat application designed to facilitate a company’s communication with the visitors on its website. It enables a company to engage in real-time chats with its customers and cater to their queries in a speedy and effective manner. Suitable for both, a website and a mobile app, tawk.to helps boost customer support.

tawk.to Pricing

tawk.to Pricing does not apply as tawk.to provides an absolutely free of cost service. A company can use it without paying a penny. However, it offers chat agents for hire who are available for service 24x7. The tawk.to Pricing for chat agents is as follows-

  • Full-time: $2.20 per hour, schedule up to 40/hrs a week
  • Double Shift: $1.50 per hour, schedule 80/hrs a week
  • Days & Weekends: $1.10 per hour, schedule 128/hrs a week
  • 24x7-365: $1.00 per hour, schedule 24x7

tawk.to Demo

tawk.to Live Chat Software provides an example of a free customisable page on its website from where it can be operated for those businesses which do not have a website. There is also a free trial of hired chat agents for 7 days which again can be found on the tawk.to website.


Real-Time Monitoring
  • Gain knowledge about website visitors and their whereabouts in real-time.
  • Observe traffic on the website and communicate with customers at any time

Automated Triggers
  • Generate automated triggers for website visitors to encourage engagement with the company.
  • Enable different types of triggers to be used as per requirement

Ticketing Built-in
  • Integrate customer support from various channels of communication such as a custom email.
  • Monitor the number of tickets solved to achieve targets

Customizable Widgets
  • Customize the look of a chat widget suiting the company’s tastes and requirements.
  • Upload a brand’s custom bubble to be used exclusively by the brand

Canned Shortcuts
  • Create canned responses wherein a simple keyword is used to answer daily questions.
  • Facilitate speedy communication with customers through instant responses


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tawk.to Reviews


Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

Apr 18, 2020

“Great Customer Service”

This application provides a whole bundle of services for absolutely no charge except the hired chat agents. The agents are very professional and efficient in their work.
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Buyer, Marketing Manager, SME

Apr 18, 2020

“Good for Small Enterprises”

tawk.to provides a great platform for small enterprises to thrive. It is a very easy-to-use application which requires no prior knowledge.
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