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LiveEngage USP

LiveEngage is an advanced engagement system for effective communication with their users. It provides complete transparency and customisation to users, monitors on-site traffic to gain real-time insight about the behaviour of the user through life engage tags and utilises analytic trends to boost sales and provide exceptional customer support Request LiveEngage Pricing to get more information.


LiveEngage is a messaging and chat software solution for improved customer care and sales for all businesses alike. Live Engage is a self-service portal integrated with multiple channels for communication with reliable security standards. It provides customization and automotive features that provide real-time convenience for users, improves sale conversions and the average order value.

LiveEngage Pricing

The software provides customized LiveEngage pricing suited for the needs of the customer. A free trial period is also made available for users to understand the functionality of the software.

The LiveEngage pricing is listed below:

  • Starter: 16 USD/user/monthly
  • Olark Live Chat:17 USD/user/monthly
  • Essential: 38 USD USD/user/monthly
For more details about LiveEngage pricing plans, please contact the company.

Live Engage Demo

The website provides demos upon request by the users via tutorials and illustrations to gain insight about the working of the software. Demos through videos befitted for users are available with a free trial period.


Messaging Channel
  • Encourage proactive messaging to respond to campaigns which lead to reduced operational cost and higher conversion rates.
  • Capitalize the social power through various networking platforms and incorporate into the software to build your brand image.

AI-powered chatbots
  • Automate conversations by creating chatbots with real-time analysis of intent.
  • Configure dialogue through the Conversation Builder and direct intent to the requirement by AI assist Maven.

Calls to Message
  • Provide consumers with the option of communication in their channel of choice with IVR or automated attendant.
  • Minimize missed interaction, does not require the need to schedule appointments hence reducing cost.

Advanced Management
  • Handle conversation in an integrated platform with AI assistance 
  • Monitor bot conversations in real-time, maximize the productivity of agents through Smart Capacity to handle multiple chats at the same time.


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LiveEngage Reviews


Buyer, Sales Manager, SME

Apr 18, 2020

“Advanced and Trustable Platform”

Incorporates high-security standards with easily accessible and powerful chat tools customisation features to suit the requirements of every customer for decent pricing with higher productivity.
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 18, 2020

“User Friendly and Fun Software”

Excellent customer support through chatbots that make use of analytical trends along with scalable features to support the needs of the customer for seamless performance.
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