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Yellowfin BI
  • Victoria Australia
  • 2003
  • $11MN to $50MN

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Yellowfin BI Overview

● Relevance Focused: Yellowfin only offers data and insights relevant to the users of the enterprise, unlike other platforms that storm your feed with unnecessary and irrelevant information. Which means that you can choose and customize the data that you are interested in.
● Storytelling: Detail-oriented results with explanation and reasoning. Instead of boring charts and graphs, Yellowfin demonstrates your data through an interactive presentation which simplifies the process of visualizing, exploring, and presenting data with negligible coding. Dashboard: Complete operations through the access of the dashboard which indicates its user-friendly nature.

Yellowfin BI USP

Yellowfin combines the power of data analytics with location services to offer a highly versatile platform. It is capable of accumulating data, processing it and providing insights. Similarly, as it allows for precise location services, you will also receive rapid responses. Further, combine the two aspects, you find a highly versatile platform that can work as an insight prover while it also helps you in navigation. Enhanced by the power of AI, and it also saves a lot of workforces.

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Yellowfin BI Reviews

Senior Consultant - Marketing,Company Name Classified
Senior Consultant - Marketing, Company Name Classified

“A revolutionary platform that surpasses expectations"

From signals to analytics, it has covered all the individual technological and digital requirements of an enterprise. In other words, Yellowfin is offering a single investment option for any enterprise to have a self-sustaining platform in the digital and technologically advanced world.
Senior Consultant - Marketing,Company Name Classified
Senior Consultant - Marketing, Company Name Classified

“Yellowfin grows with its customers"

Yellowfin acknowledges the importance of the growth of their client. By enhancing the growth aspects of an enterprise, it is mostly growing itself. Hence, it will always operate optimally to provide the best services. Rest assured with their quality.

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