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HubSpot Marketing Hub USP

Hubspot Marketing Automation Software popularly known as Hubspot Marketing Hub is an easy-to-use interface that is available to all free of cost, the premium plans have cost attached to them. It uses analytics to create marketing campaigns, automates the sales processes, and posts every minute updates on the dashboard. It has a live chat and a chatbot which provides users with an effective way of communication. Request HubSpot Marketing Hub Pricing to get more information.


Hubspot Marketing Automation Software is called HubSpot Marketing Hub. It is available for free as well, It is an easy-to-use platform with sales pipeline management that keeps track of real-time updates, schedules meetings, and calls from the clients and nurtures the leads with effective contact management and an in-built chatbot. It also has a feature to customize and integrate with third-party applications without complexing the interface, making it user-friendly and suitable for beginners. It uses analytics for getting insights into the market and creating campaigns.

Hubspot automates email which has triggers that are associated with end-goal of the campaigns. Nominal Hubspot pricing and flexibility with features and functionality make it an apt choice for growing businesses. Hubspot Marketing Automation software facilitates customized CTA, engaging landing pages, and automated email drip campaigns resulting in enhanced lead generation and lead management. In short, HubSpot Marketing Hub can be understood as a one-stop solution to end-to-end marketing. Businesses no longer need to manage leads on one marketing tool and manage marketing campaigns on another. HubSpot Marketing Hub saves a lot of time which was priorly wasted on the integration of campaigns and leads.

Hubspot Marketing Hub Pricing

The Hubspot Marketing Hub Pricing is set according to the requirements and features. For beginners, basic features are made available for free. The following Hubspot Pricing is for advanced features and requirements:

HubSpot Pricing for HubSpot Marketing hub Starter Plan is $50/month billed monthly and $ 480/Year if billed annually. This plan includes:
  • All Features of Hubspot CRM
  • Lead Management elements like Landing Pages, conversational bots, Forms, Live Chat, and Ad management
  • Lead Analysis: User activity analysis on website, Dynamic list creation of Users powered by CRM
  • Lead Engagement: Customized bulk email campaigns, personalized emails, Retargeting of Users with customized ADs

HubSpot Pricing for HubSpot Marketing hub Professional Plan is $800/month billed monthly and $ 9600/Year if billed annually. This plan includes:
  • Personalized Marketing Automation: Customized smart content creation & Reporting
  • Online Presence: SEO Optimization, Custom Blog content & Posts, Social Media recommendations
  • Conversion Optimization: Customized CTA, Video Hosting, Split screen A/B testing and analysis
  • Traffic Measurement: Traffic analysis, filtered view of data, Campaign analysis, Custom reporting 

HubSpot Pricing for HubSpot Marketing hub Enterprise Plan is $3200/month billed monthly and $ 38400/Year if billed annually. This plan includes:
  • Team & Brand Management: access control on data, email frequency cap to not accidentally bombard user, team organization on multiple levels
  • Revenue Analysis: Revenue attribution to  multiple touches, Customize event triggering and attach end goals, Easy to understand reporting

Although the HubSpot Pricing seems very straight forward with HubSpot CRM with unlimited storage capacity to store leads & HubSpot Marketing Hub being a paid plan. Unlimited storage is to motivate businesses to have a healthy database of leads/consumers/clients to manage. The HubSpot Pricing of Marketing Hub is of nature that the businesses have to pay per 1000 contacts processed for starter and professional plans while for enterprise plan the limit is per 10,000 contacts processed. 

HubSpot Marketing Hub Pricing may vary with the choice of Add Ons as well. HubSpot offers an excellent CMS which enables users to create powerful and easy to use websites. These Optimized websites get more potent leads. HubSpot CMS Offerings can be purchased in combination with HubSpot Marketing Hub Offerings.

HubSpot Pricing for HubSpot Marketing Hub Starter Plan combined with HubSpot CMS Hub Professional is $350/Month. Businesses can connect to HubSpot to get more customized pricing. This combination of HubSpot Marketing Hub and HubSpot CMS Hub Offers the following:
  • All Features Of HubSpot CRM
  • Customized and Engaging Content Creation - Create engaging Website pages, Optimized Landing Pages, Powerful content creation for Blogs facilitated with Drag and Drop Editor
  • Increase Online presence - Google Search Console Integration, AMPs for  Blog Support and SEO Recommendation to attain Optimization
  • Lead Conversion - Tool to increase lead capture and conversion like Live Chat, Conversational Bots, and Forms
  • Lead Engagement - Retargeted ADs to engage leads which left your sites based on the content they consumed, Email Marketing with email customized for different devices, automating chat for two way communication and integration with Facebook messenger
  • Lead Analysis - Attribution of lead to campaigns, website traffic analysis, and division of leads in the list to personalize the message
  • Personalized Communication - Personalized CTAs, Personalized Content, Smart Reporting 

For more details about Hubspot pricing, please contact the company. 

Hubspot Demo

The demo of the Hubspot Marketing Automation Software or Hubspot Marketing Hub is available upon request through a mail. There are videos, FAQs, and tutorials available for the users which can be accessed easily under the resources section on the website.

Top HubSpot Marketing Hub Features

Marketing Automation
  • Create ads, grow the database, and capture new leads.
  • Use analytics to get a clear view of the targeted market and customize the website accordingly
Lead Capture & Engagement
  • Customized AD, Targeted content, Drip Email campaigns to increase lead capture
  • Live Chat, ChatBots, and Personalized communication to increase lead engagement
SalesForce Management
  • Record and organize the sales pipeline on the dashboard to control sales processes.
  • Keep track of deals, get real-time updates and closes deals efficiently
Lead Management
  • Follow-up regularly the leads, record the client information and create hyper-targeted campaigns accordingly.
  • Track, observe the pattern of leads and personalize emails and posts 
Contact Management
  • Hubspot Marketing Automation Software manages emails and social media to capture new leads and get email insights.
  • Handles client management and uses the chatbot for better contact
Search Engine Optimization
  • Help in planning the content strategy to target and increase control over the market.
  • Provides keywords and filters for better search results for clients

Top HubSpot Marketing Hub Alternatives

HubSpot Marketing Hub with its wide range of features and powered with marketing automation capabilities act as an exhaustive and end-to-end marketing tool. Small Businesses at times have limited marketing needs, businesses with such needs may find HubSpot Marketing Hub Pricing to be on tad higher side. Following HubSpot Marketing Hub alternatives will be an apt solution to such business needs:
  • Mautic
  • MoEngage
  • WebEngage
  • Ontraport
  • InfusionSoft
  • Leadsquared
  • SendinBlue
  • Nurture


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HubSpot Marketing Hub Reviews


Buyer Insurance

Jun 05, 2020

“Improved results, Ease of Use, Value for Money”

HubSpot Marketing Automation software has been an excellent addition to our marketing efforts. HubSpot is easy & intuitive to use, users need negligible training to use this tool efficiently.

Email Templates are excellent and easy to customize. Users can use either of Drag & Drop or HTML to customize these templates. Database cleaning and contact management are wonderful features. Marketing automation attained using HubSpot has made our life easy and our activities more productive. Single Dashboard summary for all the campaigns and automation activities ease the analysis both for sales and marketing teams. Tools maintenance and updates are wisely planned on weekends hampering no work. I believe HubSpot Pricing is Value for Money.

Outcome: Junk email ratio is reduced for email campaigns. The success ratio in terms of lead generation is greater as compared to other tools used till now.
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Buyer, Ecommerce

Jun 05, 2020

“Interesting Features”

HubSpot Marketing Automation software is a feature-rich tool. It has helped me in automating email campaigns and in campaign analysis.

Likes: Access Control, Subscriber management, marketing automation, and team management.

Can be improved: HubSpot Pricing is on bit higher end.
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Buyer, Sales Manager, SME

Apr 18, 2020

“Affordable by everyone with advanced features”

Nil Hubspot pricing makes it a pocket-friendly platform, for small businesses and employees, which provides users features like analytics and marketing automation, free of cost.
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Buyer, Marketing Manager, SME

Apr 18, 2020

“Easy-to-use CRM; suitable for beginners”

It's simple and easy format attracts users who are new with complex commands. It also integrates with different applications and doesn’t create a complex interface.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How is HubSpot deployed?

HubSpot can be deployed on cloud. Once deployed you can access HubSpot from any device and platform to get resl-time updates.

What are pricing plans for Hubspot?

Hubspot pricing is based on following plans: Starter- $50/user/month, Professional- $1,275/user/month and Enterprise- $4,200/user/month. All these HubSpot Pricing may vary depending on the number of contacts being processed, type of billing (monthly or annually), and the add-on choices

What features does Hubspot offer?

The major features of this software are Marketing Automation, Salesforce Management, Lead Management, Contact Management and Search Engine Optimization HubSpot helps you in Lead capture, Lead engagement, bulk email campaigns , campaign analysis, creating landing pages, Customize CTAs, and Personalise communication.

Does Hubspot offer free trial?

Hubspot does offer a free version of its software which can be used by users and post that users can go ahead with the premium version of software. For getting demo of the premium versions of software users can contact the vendor.

Does this software offer third-party integrations?

Yes. The software comes with third-party integrations where it can be integrated with multiple other applications like Salesforce, Zapier, MatrixCare, Outlook and many more. HubSpot's third party integration universe is large. It helps in improved client communication and data analysis.

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