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WebEngage USP

WebEngage Marketing Automation Software enables businesses to design personalised experiences at a huge scale. With the aim of making marketing more real, it uses advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to track the customer behaviours, segment them intelligently and profile their journey in an analytical approach which predicts the customer insights at the best.

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WebEngage Marketing Automation Software assists all B2B and B2C businesses who are interested in transforming the customer engagements, empowering businesses process automation through lead generation, engaging and managing customers at every stage of complex buying journeys. It is the platform which aims to bring the marketing ideas of businesses to life.

WebEngage Pricing

The WebEngage pricing ranges from Solo pricing to Orchestra pricing. Exact pricing details not mentioned openly in the website. Various WebEngage pricing standards offered:

  • Solo pricing 
  • Band pricing 
  • Choir pricing 
  • Orchestra pricing 

For more details about their WebEngage pricing plans, please contact the company.

WebEngage Demo

WebEngage Marketing Automation Software offers a free demo for all its versions on the website via videos and illustrations to acquaint the users with all its capabilities and solutions. The demo is very interactive and understandable.



  • Integrate and automate customer operational functions of businesses, enhancing the overall customer engagement 
  • Improve the revenues by focusing right leads and prospects to build long term relationships

Journey designer

  • Build Artificial intelligence powered customer journey and selection which builds the powerful network of prospects with long term relations
  • Predict ideal futuristic customer profile models that are interactive and have custom tuning


  • Personalise Ads for the most promising customers segmented based on the past interactions
  • Improve return on investment by spending judiciously, knowing the online pulse of customers


  • Focus on investments that has the highest return with advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Unify the marketing data with brilliant customer map journey and flexible reporting


  • WebEngage Marketing Automation Software helps users to engage the right prospects, target with clever Ads and acquire long term customers
  • Retain customers with frequent but decent online communication and convert the loyal customers into the advocates based on powerful segmentation


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    Inbound Marketing
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    Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring
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WebEngage Reviews


Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Setting new standards for customer engagement”

Marketo presents itself as one of its kind analytics driven customer engagement platform which is setting new benchmarks in the domain of marketing and lead generation in specific
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Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

Apr 30, 2020

“Smart engagement software with intelligent analytics”

This platform comes loaded with smart analytics and AI to help the businesses generate automated reports. Precise, targeted, and quick users analysis can be done, to enhance the customer engagement, helping the overall lead generation and customer retention.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How is WebEngage deployed?

WebEngage can be deployed on cloud.

What are pricing plans for WebEngage?

WebEngage pricing is based on following plans: Solo, Band, Choir and Orchestra. For getting exact details users can contact vendor.

What features does WebEngage offer?

The major features of this software are Personalization, Journey designer, Engagement, Analytics and Segmentation.

Does WebEngage offer free trial?

WebEngage Marketing Automation Software offers a free demo for all its versions on the website via videos and illustrations.

Does this software offer third-party integrations?

Yes. The software comes with third-party integrations where it can be integrated with other tools like Google, Tune, AppsFlyer and many more.

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