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Singlewire Software has a wide range of offerings in the MNS market. It develops and supports IP-based voice applications for emergency communication with mass notification capabilities. Singlewire’s offering is branded InformaCast, a solution that transforms Cisco phones, overhead speakers, cell phones, and other devices into an IP paging and emergency notification system, which enables users to send text and live, adhoc, pre-recorded, and text-to-speech audio notifications to various endpoints. It also offers InformaCast Mobile, a cloud-based service that allows users to send images, text, and pre-recorded audio notifications to mobile devices. Request InformaCast Pricing to get more information.


InformaCast, a mass notification system that sends audio, text and images to mobile and on-premises devices. It is implemented at organizations around the world to assist with safety and security issues.

  • Trigger InformaCast from phone soft keys, call buttons, keyboard function keys and low-voltage relay buttons to notify the proper personnel in case of an emergency.
  • It enables to inform key personnel of emergency situations and facilitate swift building evacuations through comprehensive emergency mass notification. 
  • Notify key personnel when 911 is dialed and listen to near real-time recordings so you can leverage the context for when a situation occurs.
  • Schedule prerecorded notifications, such as school bells, shift changes, break reminders or safety alerts from a single interface and leverage existing analog overhead systems.
  • Monitor live feeds from the National Weather Service and automatically trigger an emergency notification when severe weather is approaching your area.
  • Trigger a mass notifications to and from other physical systems, including fire alarms, light control systems, entry access systems, eyewash stations, and AED cabinet doors.
  • Perform a facility-wide lockdown in the event of an emergency by sending a live or prerecorded mass notification.
  • Utilize live audio paging, ad hoc audio, two-way handsfree intercom and push-to talk functionalities with Cisco phones and IP speakers.


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    Great Product and Support
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    Facilitates Building Evacuations
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    Pre-recorded Alerts
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    Live Weather Monitoring
  • +8
    IOT Integration
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    Business Communications
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    Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
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    Integrated Public Alert & Warning
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    Interoperable Emergency Communication
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    In-building Solutions
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    Distributed Recipient Solutions
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    Hosted / On-Cloud
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    Wide Area Solutions
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    Remote Support
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    Support & Maintenance
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    Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
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    Alert & One Touch Messaging
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    No Customized Access
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    Cloud Providers
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    First Responders
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    Products/Solutions Offered
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    Customer Redressal Mechanism/Program
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    Level of Support
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    On-Site Support
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    Role based Access Controls
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    Full Time Equivalent
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    Per User / Device Basis
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    Subscription / Licensing
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    Managed Services
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    Other Services
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    Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
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InformaCast Presence in Mass Notification Systems Solutions
Singlewire is a pioneer in providing MNS products and solutions and its applications are presently used by over 5,000 customers in more than 50 countries. It offers dedicated mass notification software solutions for business, government, healthcare, higher education, K-12, manufacturing, and retail sectors across the globe. The geographic reach of Singlewire is limited as it has physical office only in the U.S., however, it makes up for it through an efficient partner channel. Singlewire’s partner ecosystem is quite rich and includes technology vendors such as Cisco, Valcom, Blackboard, Inc., Rave Mobile Safety, Appspace, BrightSign, CyberData, Telecor, and Barix; system integrators; distributors; and value-added resellers. The company is further enhancing its partner channels and partnerships from a major chunk of its strategic initiatives. Singlewire has been consistently profitable since its inception, with a strong track record of profitable organic growth. For 2016, Singlewire had net income of USD 5.8 million on revenue of USD 20 million. Singlewire is well diversified across a variety of industries, with roughly 20% of revenues from health care, 20% from higher education, and 20% from K-12 education, 15% from manufacturing, 15% from government and the remainder from other commercial industries.
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