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THE MIRCOM GROUP OF COMPANIES in Mass Notification Systems Solutions

  • Ontario, Canada
  • 1991
  • $51MN to $100MN
Healthcare and Life Sciences, Energy and Utilities, Commercial and Services, Government and Public Sector, Defense and Security
North America
Company Overview
Mircom's mass notification solutions are known as FX-MNS and TX3 Emergency Phone. These solutions helps to reduce risk and protect lives and property. 

  • System Simplicity: Mircom Mass Notification Systems are easy to use. They exude simplicity in their proper functionality. The Mircom equipment is easy to use, install, maintain, and operate. Thus, you need not spend much on the system’s upkeep.
  • Compliance: Mircom Mass Notification System is manufactured keeping in mind the industry standards. The Mircom equipment is rigorously tested and verified for falling in compliance with set protocols and safety requirements.
  • Effective Communication: Mircom Systems boast advanced technology features. The systems allow the integration of numerous communication methods and protocols. With this, the alert notifications can be dispersed quickly to almost all devices.

Mircom is a globally renowned company specializing in designing intelligent mass notification systems. Mircom Mass Notification Solutions are competent in averting risks. The power-packed design and intuitive interface of Mircom systems ensure smooth management and configuration. Whether you need incident reporting for your employees or complete emergency system activation for dispatchers, Mircom can get you covered for all your needs.

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  • Business Communications
  • Hardware
  • Integrated Public Alert & Warning
  • Interoperable Emergency Communication
  • Directly
  • Distributed Recipient Solutions
  • In-building Solutions
  • On-Premise
  • On-Site Support
  • Remote Support
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Full Time Equivalent
  • Alert & One Touch Messaging
  • Automated Weather Alerts
  • Education & Training
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Vice President,Company Name Classified
Vice President, Company Name Classified
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“Great Company and Product"

The connectivity it gives our organization when other forms fail. The ease of use. The customer support is very good.
Chief Product Officer,Company Name Classified
Chief Product Officer, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)(*)( )4

“Reduced Risks"

Deployment of MIRCOM notification has considering the reduced risk to people and property.
Global Head - Service and Product Development,Company Name Classified
Global Head - Service and Product Development, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)(*)( )4

“Emergency Solution for averting risk"

MIRCOM Mass Notification has helped us set-up quick alerts during the fire.
Manager,Company Name Classified
Manager, Company Name Classified
(*)(*)(*)(*)( )4

“Best MNS Solutions"

An Emergency Communication solution that reduces risk, saves lives and protects property.
Head - Product Management,Buyer Healthcare
Head - Product Management, Buyer Healthcare
(*)(*)(*)( )( )3

“Face issue with maps sometimes"

I love how easy it is to train people how to use the software. It is super easy to send an alert and the reason to send an alert are endless! It makes me feel safer at work. The only problem I''ve run into is sometimes the maps don''t work properly on the mobile app.
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