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  • California, USA
  • 2000
  • $51MN to $100MN
Education, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Energy and Utilities, Commercial and Services, Government and Public Sector
Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America
Company Overview
xMatters Business Continuity Management enables emergency communications to the relevant business processes of the enterprises. 

  • xMatter creates situation-specific messaging templates, drive business processes forward, and mitigate downtime during critical incidents. 
  • It notifies the right people immediately in case of severe weather, business emergency, or a catastrophic digital event, to keep the employees safe and business running.
  • xMatters Employee Engage empowers employees to engage with any element of the business through intelligently designed communications, and xMatters Customer Engage helps in driving customer loyalty, retention, and advocacy through proactive customer communications.
  • It helps in automation of major incident process, reducing mean time to resolve incidents, and delivering situational awareness to the incident managers.
  • It also offers RESTAPI and DevOps to enable the companies to develop customized applications and solutions as per their set of requirements.

xMatters is a leading provider of business continuity management, intelligent communications, proactive communications, and connected devices. The company offers solutions which can be employed and managed as part of the IT infrastructure of enterprises and can be integrated with other corporate subsystems.  xMatters offers technologies that focus on enhancing, automating, and speeding up communication processes for organizations. xMatters is an incident management platform that helps enterprises prevent, manage, and resolve IT incidents. The xMatters integration platform allows organizations to automate key processes with the tools they already use like ServiceNow, Splunk, Jira, and Slack.

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General Manager,Company Name Classified
General Manager, Company Name Classified
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“Bridge Call process has been the major impact"

Prior to gaining xMatters for bridge call processes, trying to get team(s) on a call manually was a very tedious process. Whether it was sending out a generic "high priority" email with bridge call details and hoping teams would get on, to trying to use a manual on-call list to contact users directly to join a bridge, the biggest improvement in the process has been xMatters ability to target groups and on-call users and get them on the call in an improved timely manner. There are small improvements that could be added to the process, which has been suggested to xMatters teams and development. It takes a time to build and implement such features, but we are hoping certain features will be improved upon or added in the later future! I do know there are other integrations which are available which we have not even touched on yet. As we continue the process and get integrations built and working in the later future, we do see the possibility of xMatters being even more powerful than we currently see.
Vice President,Company Name Classified
Vice President, Company Name Classified
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“Intelligent Communications Platform"

Mainly the platform is easy to use, allowing my team to exit the manual notification process when problems arise. The tool runs smoothly, especially after we move to the cloud. I love the design of the instrument, which is very easy to use. I feel the product does an excellent job and is very reliable.
Other,Company Name Classified
Other, Company Name Classified
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“Overall Satisfaction with xMatters"

We have been using xMatters for about a year now. All of our on-call teams are setup and receive critical alerts. Our process flow is started with a ServiceNow Incident and then if it meets the critical alert status, xMatters takes it and alerts the proper parties. We don''t have a bridge conference calling system other than Skype and sending out invites for them to join. Makes it kind of messy, with xMatters we are able to send an alert out to their mobile device for the appropriate parties to join. I''m hopeful we can use this in our restaurants for refrigeration systems if there is a power outage or hardware failure. Along with their weather monitoring system for when storms come. I recommend this product for anyone looking for a monitoring system. It has been a great improvement from our other vendor we used to have.
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XMATTERS INC Presence in Mass Notification Systems Solutions
xMatters by leveraging its intelligent communications platform has become one of the fastest growing notification providers for business disruptions. In 2016, the company recorded a significant growth rate of 250% in the volume of communications to IT professionals, employees, and customers globally. With the rapid adoption of its cloud-based products, the company has seen a 50% year-over-year subscription revenue growth for the fourth consecutive year. The increase was particularly driven by the launch of its Global Partner Program, which brought together more than 200 global integrators and partners to enable a communications layer across insights from any business system. xMatters also made its integration platform widely available during 2016. The company acquired more than 100 new customers in 2016, including Vodafone, AXA Insurance, Danske Bank, Sony Network Entertainment, Molina Healthcare, The Telegraph, and Essex County Council. During this time, xMatters also held an industry-leading customer retention rate of more than 96%. Though it has a direct presence with offices in only 3 countries, it aims to expand its geographic presence rapidly. On these lines, 2016, xMatters added 6 new data centers in Australia, Singapore, Switzerland, and the US and expanded its global team by 30%. The company offers customized products and solutions to more than 1,000 customers across various industry verticals such as commercial, education, utilities, healthcare, automotive, and transportation. A rich ecosystem of more than 200 partners helps its customers to achieve value through technology, integration and process refinement. It consists of technology partners such as Microsoft, Alertus, BMC Software, CA Technologies, Centrify, Cisco, HPE, and IBM; resale partners; referral partners; and service partners.
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