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Carlson Basic Mining
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Carlson Basic Mining USP

Carlson Basic Mining is an add-on to Carlson Civil for AutoCAD/IntelliCAD mining. The famous line of software and machine control systems from Carlson Software for the mining industry has grown to include high-performance laser measuring instruments. Switch to Carlson for efficient and scalable methods, whether the application is underground mining, surface mining, permitting, geological mapping, reserve surveys, or reclamation.

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Carlson Software's Mining Office design software allows businesses to minimise idle time and raise output volumes, which mean lowered costs and improved productivity. In order to construct accurate and easy-to-use geological models, the Carlson Geology Module utilises drill holes, channel samples, and user-defined 3D polyline data.

Carlson Basic Mining Pricing

Carlson Basic mining pricing information is not available directly on the website. This is common practice for software sellers and service providers. Detailed pricing for this company has not been disclosed, but it is in line with leading competitors in the market. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on business needs. For the best Carlson Basic mining pricing plans, contact the vendor.

Carlson Basic Mining Demo

Carlson Basic Mining software provides free demo of all its products whether it is software or mining instruments. The vendor gives a fully functional trial version to be downloaded on the desktop and the users can enjoy the features for 30 days.

Carlson Basic Mining Features

Drillholes - Import using custom settings from any format. Save drill data directly in the CAD drawing, or connect to multiple systems dynamically. To correlate strata, draw geologic columns in section-view or in 3D. Validate questions and reports of gaps. To construct complicated models, use methods like Strata Polylines, Horizon Codes, and Drillhole Equations. Import geophysical LAS files and core images with E-Log.

Modelling - To ensure a detailed representation of geology, use industry-standard modelling algorithms and supporting instructions. To upgrade models with new data, build macros. Examine templates with tools for inspection and coloured hatched isopachs. For comprehensive strata behaviour, develop models with Limit Lines and Strata Polylines. Pinch out and seam splits automatically model strata. Account for unfinished drilling with settings for compliance.

Optimized Pit Architecture - Determines block values using equations specified by the consumer. Build value block models to assess each block's profitability. Optimum pit shell production of productive mining blocks. Re-run estimates to see revised pit limits as costs change.


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Carlson Basic Mining
82 Buyers Negotiating
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