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GEOVIA Surpac mining software is geochemistry and mine preparation technology that enables open pit and mining activities and discovery programmes to help 3D graphics and process automation control performance and reliability. A robust framework for orebody assessment, open pit and underground mine construction, mine preparation and manufacturing is the GEOVIA Surpac mining software.

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The world's most common archaeology and mine planning application is GEOVIA Surpac mining software, which supports open pit and geological production and discovery activities in more than 120 countries. Via ease-of-use, efficient 3D graphics and workflow integration, the platform provides performance and precision that can be customized to company-specific processes and associated flows.

GEOVIA Surpac Pricing

GEOVIA Surpac pricing information is not available directly on the website. This is common practice for software sellers and service providers. Detailed pricing for this company has not been disclosed, but it is in line with leading competitors in the market. Most software companies and vendors require you to contact them with details so they can offer competitive personalized pricing based on your needs. For the best GEOVIA Surpac pricing plans, contact the vendor.

GEOVIA Surpac Demo

The demo is not provided directly on the website but there is a video explaining all the features of the software which can be helpful for users. Also, there is no information on whether the company provides a free trial or not.

GEOVIA Surpac Features

Data management - Using specialised software resources to archive, monitor and analyse drilling information. Interface with every common product in the database and function when linked to the data in real-time. Quickly and conveniently display and output parts by using drill holes and existing topographic or pre-modelled data. Work with textured wireframe objects from scanned or photogrammetric sources to allow connections, boundaries and surfaces to be directly mapped in 3D geology.

Assessment and simulation - Surpac provides excellent software for compositing samples and geostatistics. For both standard krigging and conditional simulation options, estimation methods provide an interface to GSLIB. The Surpac block modelling tools cover a wide range of features and are quick to use. Validating a model and producing some degree of the report can be achieved faster than ever with several cores.

Stope Optimizing - New stope engineering innovations include the ability to automate the creation of stope designs for a range of methods of underground mining to underground engineers. Mining engineers can create several design choices easily and evaluate them to choose the most optimal design while ensuring that it complies with mining constraints.

Mine assessment and management of ore - Easily measure and verify quantities. Produce to-scale high-quality maps of any related project results. Road and pit design tools are oriented towards survey setup, ensuring precise labelling of the necessary information required by earthmovers.


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