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Minerstat mining software gathers data from all the linked mining machines about mining operations and hardware status. One integrated dashboard is designed to provide useful and accurate statistics to promote and reduce stress on the overall mining experience. Minerstat mining software also offers mobile apps that allow fast monitoring of the systems and ASICs. The minerstat dashboard is completely sensitive, so users can use it through the browser on any computer.

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Minerstat mining software is a software provider for professionals in the crypto-mining and mining industries. Minerstat's mining software provides a full mining suite: Windows Mining software, dedicated mining operating system, and applications for ASIC monitoring. Some of its key features include dedicated mobile monitoring apps, and profit switching. Mining isn't the easiest thing to take on, but the clean and simple interface of minerstat mining software makes it as easy as possible.

Minerstat Pricing

Minerstat pricing consists of following subscription plans starting with the tier plan at $1.66 per worker with all features and a free version with limited features and a perpetual license. They also provide discounts for 3 months, 6 months and 1-year subscriptions.

  1. Free plan - $0 forever with minimal features
  2. Tier Plan - $1.66/worker for full-fledged features.

Minerstat Demo

Minerstat mining software allows its users to use free software with 2 workers, as long as the user wants to see how it functions before they sign up.

Minerstat Features

Mining Calculator

  1. Provides the user to enter speeds and lists more than 400 coins and options for multi-pool. 
  2. Allows to benchmark rig and export results directly to the calculator if the user does not know the speeds.

Application Program Interface

  1. Provides both Private and Public API to the users.
  2. Enables API to allow simple worker monitoring and balancing, while private API allows complete worker control including adding, removing, restarting, rebooting, configuring, etc.


  1. Allow to test the latencies of the pools and see which one is better for the position with regard to the minimum, median and maximum time out of 20 trials. 
  2. Helps users to search the partner pools for minerstat and adds the user's own pools to the comparison.


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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 04, 2020

“Provides a list of Hardware”

List of all mining equipment that can be used with applications under minerstat. Clicking on any hardware lets the user explore the hardware, see supporting applications, coins, and algorithms available.
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James Smith

May 04, 2020

“Easy to setup”

User can download and install windows node and login with the access that is provided. With a single click, users can start mining. The interface is one of the key features which is simple to use.
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