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Phase2 USP

Phase2 mining software is an exceptionally sophisticated software for engineering projects which provides for analysis and modeling of rock and soil data. The technical analysis and output reports help the users in drawing comparisons in limit equilibrium and finite element results. The software is also available for academia for research work.

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Phase2 mining software is a dynamic software program designed for analyzing and modelling soil and rock slopes. It is used in designing underground and surface excavations for geotechnical, civil, and mining applications. Phase2 mining software enables its users to perform various functions, slope stability analysis excavation designing to name a few. This software solution greatly enhances operational efficiency and brings down costs through well-drawn analysis.

Phase2 Pricing

Phase2 Pricing plans offer a Personal License plan for single device installation and a Flexible License that allows multiple users and remote desktop connection. A perpetual sub-plan ensures ownership until perpetuity. One can alternatively choose to lease the software annually. Phase2 pricing plans are given below:

  • Personal License (Lease)- USD $3995/year
  • Personal License (Perpetual)- USD $ 6995
  • Flexible License (Lease)- USD $ 5295/year
  • Flexible License (Perpetual)- USD $ 10495

Phase2 Demo

To encourage transparency and good faith purchases, the software provides for a free trial and lets the user get comfortable with the solution before deciding on the final purchase. A subscription to Maintenance+ provides access to exclusive information on new upgradations and bug fixes available. 


Slope analysis & Modelling
  1. Provides for a quick slope stability analysis
  2. Designs 2D & 3D models of soil and rock slopes using statistical tools and helps to predict slope failure

Geotechnical Tools

  1. Streamlines workflow using easy-to-use software analysis tools and stereographic projection
  2. Brings a comprehensive set of tools to precisely analyze rock and soil data and determine other physical characteristics

Excavation Design

  1. Uses a state-of-the-art suite of software to analyze stress and groundwater flow & design excavations
  2. Estimates deformation in excavations to predict failures with least cost

Interactive Dashboard

  1. Helps in consolidating complex data points and presenting them in easy to understand graphs and charts
  2.  Allows users to navigate and work through different interactive tools all in one place, improving user flow


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Phase2 Reviews


James Smith

May 04, 2020

“Impressive graphics”

The visual representation of results from technical analysis helps in easy understanding of complex data in a short time.
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 04, 2020

“Accurate and Insightful results”

It is an application to churn out accurate statistical results and helps the user draw meaningful insights from the data.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What operating system does Phase2 support?

Phase2 supports Windows OS

Does it provide a training and support?

Hoek’s Corner is library on rock engineering from the world-renowned expert, Dr. Evert Hoek that helps everyone regarding learning and acquiring knowledge. Maintenance+ is support program by Rocscience, that on subscription, provides unlimited access to high-quality, timely support from the technical experts at Rocscience

Who are the typical users of Phase2?

Generally, Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises use Phase2

What is its mode of deployment?

Details will be updated soon.

What are the key features of Phase2?

Finite element slope stability analysis Excavation design Slope stability Probabilistic analysis Consolidation, and Dynamic analysis

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