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RS3 Mining Software comes packed with new and advanced features, making it indispensable for mining firms looking for precision in structural analysis. With the new dynamic analysis and Shear Strength Reduction feature, RS3 is surely a go-to app. It provides great flexibility and innovation where data can be customized to make an in-depth analysis. RS3 offers interactive and useful tools to manage any kind of geotechnical engineering issue. 

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RS3 Mining Software is a web-based customizable platform for helping mining firms in their everyday operations by studying and analyzing in-depth underground excavations for slope and tunnel modeling. It enables advanced level analysis of the staging of excavations and provides an impressive range of material models that can be utilized for different regions. RS3 Mining Software is highly compatible to suit various kinds of mining operational needs and has set a benchmark in the mining industry. 

RS3 Features

  • Powerful and complex modeling
  • Design complex 3D models with an advanced user interface that offers new orientations and shapes
  • Reach a superior level of modeling with a mix of complex surfaces, non-horizontal and cross tunneling 

  • Advanced analytical tools
  • Improve slope stability analysis with the Shear Strength Reduction feature which is fully automated to ensure greater safety 
  • Define drainage condition with accuracy by a detailed and comprehensive Drained and Undrained Analysis and pore pressure through Groundwater Seepage Analysis

  • Support Designing
  • Use from an array of support elements like bolts and beams for better excavation
  • Model 3D piles to improve interface strength 

  • Customizable and Interactive platform 
  • Work more flexibly by customizing visual data and results and easily import models
  • Plot results and support forces and differential results between different stages

RS3 Pricing

RS3 Pricing Plan offers a Personal License plan for single device installation and a Flexible License that allows multiple users and remote desktop connection. RS3 pricing is given below: 

  1. Personal License (Lease)- USD $6195/year
  2. Personal License (Perpetual)- USD $ 12995
  3. Flexible License (Lease)- USD $ 8245/year
  4. Flexible License (Perpetual)- USD $ 1899

RS3 Demo

The software does not provide any demo on its official website but makes a free trial available for its users so that they can have a hands-on experience of the software. Once the software has been purchased, RS3 Mining Software also provides continued support of subject matter expertise at a minimal subscription fee. 


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RS3 Reviews


Buyer, Automotive, Enterprise

May 04, 2020

“The new Shear Strength Reduction”

The SSR features on the software program has greatly helped locate critical failure mode so that definitive measures can be taken to ensure safety.
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 04, 2020

“Speedy Analysis and diagnosis”

The reasonably priced feature RS3 offers so many new analytical methods and empowers mining firms to make the right decisions on time.
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