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Surfer USP

Surfer mining software is a software kit for researchers and technologists for entire 2D and 3D exploration, simulation, and evaluation. The advanced interpolation system of Surfer mining software rapidly converts XYZ data into publication-quality charts. Virtually any element is adjustable on the globe. Enhance maps from every online mapping site with images, legends, names and tags, faults and breaklines, or external charts. Surfer mining software is commonly used around the world by researchers, experts, technicians, and many others.

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Geologists, geoscientists, hydrologists, historians, oceanographers, scientists, contractors, technicians, and several others around the world use the Surfer mining software frequently. Surfer mining software is being used to collect the quality and authenticity of the results using robust simulation methods. Cross-section development, 3D modelling and data sharing are provided by this framework. Windows and the Mobile Interface are the operating systems it caters to.

Surfer Pricing

Most of the software providers do not provide pricing directly but surfer pricing plans are available on the website. There are different surfer pricing plans for individuals as well as teams and the maintenance cost is also included in the pricing for one year. If any user wants customized surfer pricing, they can directly contact the sales team of the vendor. Surfer pricing plans are as follows:

  1. Single User - $999 per user. For frequent Surfer users and those who don't like to share. First-year surfer pricing includes software maintenance.
  2. Concurrent-Use - $1,999 per seat. Only for teams of Surfer users. First-year software maintenance included.
  3. Surfer single user annual maintenance - $180/year USD
  4. Surfer concurrent-use annual maintenance - $360 USD
  5. Surfer upgrade- $329 USD. Upgrade from any previous version. The eligible serial number required.

Surfer Demo

Learning via documents, webcasts, and streamed live is supported by Surfer mining software. A free trial is offered by Surfer. Surfer mining software is available as Windows applications with respect to device specifications. The Surfer provides remote assistance and support for working hours.

Surfer Features

Build Maps for Professionals - Both basic and nuanced spatial details can be easily shared. Surfer provides the skills to change high-quality graphs to provide co-workers, consumers, and partners with the message clearly. Contour, Foundation, Post, 3D Board, Colour Relief, Classified Post, 3D Wireframe and much more are some of the forms of surfer charts.

Clouds with LiDAR Points - In several areas, including geology, inspecting, GIS, and more, LiDAR is an increasingly common form of data collection. To take advantage of all LiDAR has to offer, use Surfer's comprehensive LiDAR processing and visualisation features. Build a point cloud from different LAS/LAZ scripts. By altitude, strength, returning numbers, or designation, allocate colour. Interactively, or by criteria, pick scores. Delete, reassign or crop points to be picked. Build a grid or export to LAS/LAZ from the point cloud. Visualize all facets of the 3D view data

Maps & Models Enhancement - Surfer provides the tools to imagine all kinds of data and model them, but it doesn't stop here. The comprehensive customization options provided by Surfer help users to express complicated concepts in an easy to understand way. Enhance the maps and models with a range of choices for customization.

Control the Entire Grid - Surfer mining software provides users with extensive command over files from the grid. Build structural geology isopach charts, measure volumes for inventory control or terrain analysis derivatives, and also create models of site suitability all with grid files. Achieve a thorough picture of the underlying knowledge.

Accurate Grid Data - Gain full confidence in the model's precision. Surfer mining software offers various methods of interpolation to grid on a grid or vector graphics consistently or irregularly scattered data, and each method of interpolation offers full control over gridding parameters. And, with multithreaded gridding, no time is lost.

Modify Contours - Edit description lines to the finest detail. The Surfer map editor helps users to easily change the contour lines by modifying the underlying grid file interactively. Brush, warp, smooth, step down or up, and delete nodes from the grid, and see adjustments to your grid-based maps automatically.


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