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SWedge USP

SWedge mining software is a fast and easy to use analytical method to determine the structure and stability in rocky hills of surface wedges. It is a crucial tool for analyzing rock pitch stability widely used together with Dips. SWedge mining software provides a number of research methods for deterministic, probabilistic, variations, responsiveness and measurement of persistence. The wedge protection factor can be improved by using rock bolts, shotcrete or support strain. Disruptive forces can also be conveniently modeled due to water friction, seismic loads or external forces. 

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SWedge mining software is an easy, interactive, and user-friendly mining and testing tool to evaluate surface wedge geometry and stability on rock slopes. Wedges are described by cross-sectional planes, the path surface, and an optional tension collapse. SWedge mining software provides an integrated, fast, easy data input and 3D model visualization graphic environment. The software also analyzes the rocks to find possible wedges and displays them through histograms and stereonet views.

SWedge Pricing

SWedge pricing consists of two subscription plans starting at $1295 per year for ownership and $645 per year for leasing the software and $1895 per year for the flexible license. Following are the pricing plans in a detailed format –

  • Single (Personal) License – $1295/year (Ownership), $645/year (Lease)
  • Multi (Flexible) License -$1895/year (Ownership), $995/year (Lease)

SWedge Demo

Users who require a demo can enquire for the same by sending an email or through their inquiry form available on the website. It provides a free trial for users.


New Bolt models

  • Displays the option to use bolt shear strength when the bolt is in the correct deformation state.
  • Helps the user by providing the option of applying the Cosine Tension / Shear or linear Tension method from Shear system Performance Factor measured Performance.

Support and Loading

  • Provides various support types (eg. bolts and shotcrete) that can be combined and the required supporting parameters can be easily defined in order to obtain a certain safety factor.
  • It allows the use of a sensitivity analysis method using which critical load values can be calculated easily.

Combination Analysis

  • Facilitates the user to recognize any number of distinct joint plane directions and examine all possible two joint combinations which can form a wedge, With the SWedge Combination Analysis method. 
  • Enables the effects to be traced on histograms, distributed plots, and the stereonet view.


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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 04, 2020

“Online Help”

Users get an online tutorial on a quick start and overview of the program and analysis assumptions.
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James Smith

May 04, 2020


Maintenance+ is an improved subscription to repair and support programs, which are bought every year at a discount of 20 percent. Users will have access to all updates, uploads and bug fixes during the year and as soon as they are available, with Maintenance+ Continuous Software. Users can also use easy license facilities, experts'' assistance, and unique learning deals.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What operating system does Swedge support?

Swedge supports Windows OS

Does it provide a training and support?

Hoek’s Corner is SWedge's library on rock engineering from the world-renowned expert, Dr. Evert Hoek that helps everyone regarding learning and acquiring knowledge. Maintenance+ is its support program that on subscription, provides unlimited access to high-quality, timely support from the technical experts at Rocscience

Who are the typical users of Swedge?

Generally, Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises use SWedge

What is its mode of deployment?

Details will be updated soon.

What are the key features of Swedge?

Batch Compute Model Files Automate Model Inputs from Excel Robust and Customized Analyses with Automate from Excel Bench Analysis Combination Analysis Persistence Analysis Probabilistic Analysis

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