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AMD TELECOM Network Firewall

  • Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 2000
Company Overview
AMD Telecom is instrumental in providing mobile security applications, such as SMS firewall to the mobile operators to protect their networks from signaling and SMS attacks. AMD Telecom’s SMS firewall helps mobile operators to identify and block the grey routes, gain control of SMS traffic, secure network transparency, and maximize the profits, thereby minimizing the revenue leakage.

PSTN is a legacy network used by telecom operators for wired communications globally, as SS7 network is the backbone of the PSTN network. The company also offers SS7 firewall to protect the operator’s network from hackers, adversaries, and fraudsters. The SS7 firewall identifies anomalous behaviors in network traffic to protect the subscribers as well as the operators from malicious attacks. Additionally, this firewall constitutes of hardware and software features to perform real-time SS7 session tracking and signaling traffic inspection. In line with SMS firewall, AMD Telecom offers A2P monetization application, which helps MNOs and MVNOs to provide effective control over the network traffic and generate revenues from unprofitable A2P SMS services.

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  • Grey Route Controls Service
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  • Messaging Abuse Prevention Service
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  • EIR (Equipment Identification Register) Firewall
  • SIM Farm Filter
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AMD TELECOM SA Presence in Network Security Firewall Software
AMD Telecom is one of the leading operators, with its focus majorly on offering SMS/MMS services to mobile operators. The company helps in accelerating the businesses of its commercial clients by offering featured services for managing revenue leakage. The company’s core business strategy is to set new standards for the management of network traffic, and the company has a decade of experience and expertise in addressing SMS aggregators and MNOs on network issues. AMD Telecom focuses on its inorganic strategy of expanding its presence globally, thereby increasing the company’s revenues and profitability substantially. For instance, the company has strengthened its customer base by expanding its direct coverage with operators in India, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Haiti, Peru, Cameroon, Mozambique, Timor-Leste, Tanzania, and Burundi.
#1 Product Features and Functionality / Core Features
#2 Core Offerings / SMS Firewall
#3 Core Offerings / SS7 Firewall
#4 Core Offerings / Signalling Firewall
#5 Core Offerings / Voice Firewall
#1 Protect core network
#2 Detect malicious traffic
#3 Analyze and investigate incidents
#4 Consolidated messaging that grows revenues


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