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CELLUSYS Firewall Software

  • Dublin, Ireland
  • 2004
Company Overview
Cellusys offers a wide array of network security solutions for CSPs. Its security solutions comprise SIGNALLING FIREWALL, SMS DEFENCE, SMS PARENTAL CONTROL, and SMS HOME ROUTER. Cellusys Signalling Firewall combines SS7, Sigtran, and Diameter protocols onto a single platform to implement complex 2G, 3G, and 4G/LTE signaling security procedures. Cellusys Signalling Firewall utilizes a fourtiered approach to provide flexible and extensible telecommunications signaling security system, which includes message screening, contextual awareness, near real-time streaming analysis, and reporting.

The SMS defense solution is used to detect and protect illegitimate SMS traffic and help MNOs to provide detailed analysis of messages in the form of graphs, call detail records, and comprehensive spreadsheet reports. Additionally, it offers real-time alerts, powerful rules engine, and complete protection for the roaming subscribers. SMS DEFENCE is highly scalable for mobile operators to manage heavy traffic and protects mobile networks from spoofing, phishing, and virus attacks. Cellusys’ strength lies in maintaining a proactive and systematic threat monitoring and management to determine and eradicate security problems. In addition, the company also delivers SMS PARENTAL CONTROL, which prevents children from watching unwanted mobile content. Cellusys’ SMS HOME ROUTER solution caters to SS7, which helps to protect mobile networks security issues and ensures privacy for mobile users.

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CELLUSYS Presence in Network Security Firewall Software
Cellusys is capable of addressing the specific needs of MNOs, such as security solutions for SMS and signaling traffic. The company has a wide range of solutions that benefit mobile operators, in terms of maximizing revenues and enhancing the customer experience. Furthermore, Cellusys has a global presence and serves its customers in the regions of North America, Europe, MEA, and APAC. It has a very strong R&D team for providing tailored solutions for data, signaling, and roaming management to mobile operators. It has also focused on different partnerships, collaborations, and agreements to cope with the digital era. For instance, the company has partnered with tyntec, a telecom-web convergence company that helped mobile operators to monetize A2P messaging, thereby providing visibility and security to their network traffic.
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#1 Protect core network
#2 Detect malicious traffic
#3 Analyze and investigate incidents
#4 Consolidated messaging that grows revenues
#5 Future-proof messaging for continued growth


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