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This firewall is further classified into SS7 and diameter firewall to protect respective networks from fraudulent attacks and privacy breaches across the full range of signaling threats. In line with signaling firewall, the company also offers A2P protection used to block unsolicited messages, SMS frauds, and spams. This A2P messaging solution helps the mobile operators to identify the grey routes and traffic by analyzing the message contents and volumes originating from different networks. Furthermore, with the cooperation of signaling providers, the company provides a wide array of roaming, fraud, and security applications for mobile operators. Request EVOLVED INTELLIGENCE Pricing to get more information.


Evolved Intelligence offers a wide range of product portfolio for its commercial clients globally. The company’s product portfolio consists of prominent fraud and security solutions, such as signaling firewall and A2P protection for mobile operators. Signaling firewall provides a powerful and flexible protection against malicious signaling attacks over mobile operator’s network.

Top Usecases

  1. Protect core network
  2. Detect malicious traffic
  3. Analyze and investigate incidents
  4. Consolidated messaging that grows revenues
  5. Future-proof messaging for continued growth
  6. Growing business with Cloud SMSC

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +9 A2P
  • +11 $ per license
  • +12 Diameter Firewall
  • +13 Signalling Firewall
  • +10 SMS Firewall
  • +11 SS7 Firewall
  • +12 Network functions virtualization (NFV)
  • +6 Grey Route Controls Service
  • +9 Implementation
  • +11 Managed
  • +5 Messaging Abuse Prevention Service
  • +7 Sim Bank Detection Service
  • +5 Analytics-driven cyber protection
  • +7 Analytics & Reporting
  • +6 Near Real-time Streaming analysis
  • +8 SIM Farm Filter
  • +14 Spam Reporting Integration
  • +10 P2A
  • +12 $ per subscription
  • +14 Voice Firewall
  • -5 Analyst
  • -11 Cloud
  • -13 IT executives
  • -14 Network administrators
  • -10 On-Premises
  • -8 Consulting
  • -10 Optimization
  • -13 Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation
  • -9 EIR (Equipment Identification Register) Firewall
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EVOLVED INTELLIGENCE presence in Network Security Firewall Software

Evolved Intelligence is one of the leading network security firewall providers and a strategic partner for mobile operators around the world. The company has continued the strategic business investment in managed services arena. For instance, the company added 12 new managed service customers in 2014– 15, thereby increasing 40% revenue of its managed service business, which provided further scope for new managed services. According to the current industry trends, mobile operators' requirements for security solutions have emerged from a reduction in cost to operational excellence and value creation. The company has extended its reach using the strategy of inorganic growth to address the mobile operators’ demand related to network security. For instance, some tier 1 operators in Europe and the Middle-East chose Evolved Intelligence’s signaling firewall to protect their networks against fraud and privacy violations. This partnership offered revenue assurance for the tier 1 operators by detecting and blocking malicious attacks on the network.

Top Features

  1. Product Features and Functionality / Core Features
  2. Product Features and Functionality / Costs & Units
  3. Core Offerings / SMS Firewall
  4. Core Offerings / SS7 Firewall
  5. Core Offerings / Diameter Firewall
  6. Core Offerings / Signalling Firewall
  7. Services / Messaging Abuse Prevention Service
  8. Services / Grey Route Controls Service
  9. Services / Sim Bank Detection Service
  10. Services / Implementation
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