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Handle payment gateways software will decrease the workload upon the management. It saves time and manual work costs for enterprises. Sending the mail payment documents within your management or outsourcing those documents, the software can deal with them more effectively. Handle payment gateways software replaces the manual research works with technology. And the provided data is accurate, which helps the users to deal with the problems instantly. 

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Handle payment gateways software is one solution for material suppliers and subcontractors regarding finances. The software deals with both late payments and access to the capital. Automation tools associated with the software helps with manual and repetitive tasks. Handle also assists in matters affiliated with late payments such as deadline tracking, lien management, and mailing. Users can get benefited from tools such as material supply loans, invoice factoring, and mechanics lien purchasing.

Handle Pricing

Vendor yet to disclose the Handle pricing. For further details of the handle pricing, the user can directly contact the vendor. Handle pricing is decided based on user requirements and the time of the software usage. The features and the tools differ based on the package selected by the user. 

Handle Demo

Handle has a trial period and demo version, which involves all the options and features of the software in it. Users can understand and learn about the software with the help of the tutorials provided by the vendor too. No need to worry about the working procedure, the vendor always provides perfect customer service for all the users. 


Billing and Invoice: Manage billing and invoice management that includes payments, refunds, and transfers. Ease and speed are both essential when it comes to payment gateways, and Citrus always takes care of such a task and provides merchants a hustle free process

Cash Management: Users get all the statics regarding the payments, refunds, and settlements. It will help the merchant to manage the financials effortlessly and concentrate on business development. Create periodic financial statements, which is the first step towards enhancing the business to the next level

Receivable Accounts: Merchants registered with Citrus provide credit-based goods to the buyers. Buyers always choose businesses where they can make credit-based purchases. This feature will help the merchants to grab the interests of many buyers. 

One point for everything: There are no obligations upon the type of payment 
Benefit by adopting a feature-loaded software.


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86 Buyers Negotiating
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  • +6
    Account Reconciliation
  • +13
    Activity Tracking
  • +14
    Annual Subscription
  • +5
    Automated Scheduling
  • +11
    Compliance Management
  • +9
  • +7
    Discount Management
  • +14
    Invoice Management
  • +6
    Mobile App
  • +14
    Mobile Integration
  • +13
    Monthly Subsciption
  • +10
    System Integration
  • +5
    Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS
  • +5
    Accept credit and debit cards
  • +12
    Accounting Integration
  • +6
    ACH Check Transactions
  • +12
    Automated Billing
  • +14
    Automatic Notifications
  • +10
    Buyer authentication
  • +13
    Cash Management
  • -7
    Customer Accounts and database
  • -11
    Customer Service
  • -8
    Customizable Reporting
  • -6
    Customizable Templates
  • -9
    Data security
  • -9
    Data Visualization
  • -11
    E-commerce software integration
  • -14
    Electronic Payments
  • -13
    Electronic Signature Capture
  • -13
    Email Integration
  • -8
    Fraud Protection
  • -12
  • -8
    Gift Card System

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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

Apr 24, 2020

“Customer Support”

Handle always take care of their users during business hours. Users can choose to get online support too from the vendor.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 24, 2020


Handle provides online training, documentation, in-person training, and webinars to understand the working procedure of the software.
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