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Razorpay Payment Gateways Software is a digital payment solution in India adding value to many businesses looking to carry out transactions. It allows acceptance, processing, and disbursement of payments from its platform in various modes like Credit/Debit Cards, net banking, e-Wallets, UPI and so on. It allows marketplace management by automating RTGS/NEFT/IMPS transfers.

Razorpay Pricing

Razorpay Pricing does not include any one-time setup or maintenance cost. Razorpay Pricing is based on a per-transaction basis for the hosting business. The pricing includes GST as well. 

  1. Standard - 2% - 3% per transaction (depends on payment medium through national or interactional methods) 
  2. Enterprise - Custom pricing to be requested from the provider

Razorpay Demo

Razorpay Payment Gateways Software being a complete payment solution provides an option of checking out the payment checkout demo. Though the gateway has a similar flow as the others, its UI & Dashboard are personalized. This demo is available on the website as well as provided with the full package after purchase.

Razorpay Features

Dashboard Management: Access real-time insights based on payments, refunds, transfers, accounts, subscriptions, etc. Generate customized reports using data charts, that matter the most for business scaling 

Flash Checkout Functionality: Store numerous cards at once to forego re-entering card details on every checkout. Ease the payment process flow with personalized UI settings for simple yet quick checkout 

Developers’ Tool: Provide clean and developer-friendly APIs for maximum possible efficient integration with portal. Enable customization with plugins and libraries in all languages for building effective products  

Security Essentials: Assure no unauthorized access with provision of SSL/TLS certificate to protect sensitive data. Prevent data exposure with the use of tokens that replace card details without a set format

Platform Compatibility: Enable payment gateway solutions for all platforms like Windows, iOS, Android keeping it web-based at the base


  • +5
    Accept credit and debit cards
  • +12
    Accounting Integration
  • +6
    Account Reconciliation
  • +6
    ACH Check Transactions
  • +13
    Activity Tracking
  • +14
    Annual Subscription
  • +12
    Automated Billing
  • +5
    Automated Scheduling
  • +14
    Automatic Notifications
  • +10
    Buyer authentication
  • +13
    Cash Management
  • +11
    Compliance Management
  • +9
  • +7
    Customer Accounts and database
  • +8
    Customizable Reporting
  • +9
    Data security
  • +9
    Data Visualization
  • +7
    Discount Management
  • +14
    Electronic Payments
  • +13
    Electronic Signature Capture
  • -11
    Customer Service
  • -6
    Customizable Templates
  • -11
    E-commerce software integration
  • -9
    Receipt Management
  • -10
    Transaction History

Razorpay Reviews


Buyer, Media & Entertainment, SME

Apr 24, 2020

“Customizable Features”

With its flexible dashboard, changing the UI, integrating with the personalized list of options and altering the theme has enabled better user satisfaction.
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Buyer, Technology Consultant

Apr 24, 2020

“Compliance Rules for Security”

Razorpay guarantees the safety of sensitive data through its Level1 PCI DSS policy with the token system for encryption of card details.
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