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Reach Pricing & Demo

Reach Overview

Reach payment gateways software is an online payment facilitator platform that caters to a specific set of users with their payment facilities. The software offers payment facilitation services to charities and NGOs so that their supporters can make contributions easily, quickly and successfully.  Users can choose the best payment gateway that suits all their needs. Common requirements are transaction fees and the capability to accept ACH/ EFT payments.

Reach Pricing 

Reach pricing is categorised into 4 packages. Each package differs in feature usage and online transaction fees. The pricing plans are highly competitive. The Reach pricing list is:

  • Sponsorships and fundraising- $50 per month
  • Essentials- $99 per month 
  • Pro- $199 per month
  • Pro-plus- 4299 per month

Reach Demo 

Reach payment gateways software offers demos to its customers looking to know about its usage and functions, upon solicitation by scheduling a demo via its website. Users can also gain more insights by going through the blog posts and partner stories hosted on the website. They can also use the free trial version for 60 days.


Ease of use: Set and configure the desired payment gateway easily in your account. Obtain all donation information to the payment gateway during donation and to process faster, recurring donations will be processed at night

Data security: Accept and process donations seamlessly without the worry of a data breach. Ensure that all payment details remain protected in their payment card vault that is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant

Flexible options: Choose from over 100+ payments gateways suiting to your needs and geography. Change payment gateway anytime without any loss in performance or data and one providing supporter payment data, the shift in payment gateways will not affect the supporter data stored

Stripe Integration: Integrate with Stripe to avail seamless transactions that are secure, fast and economical. Utilize Stripe’s easy UI, non-profit discounts without hidden fees and its compatibility with several countries, currencies and cards

Reach USP

Reach payment gateways software provides an online platform for NGOs and charity organisations to receive and manage payments from their supporters. It helps these organisations to set up payments gateways through which their supporters can make donations online. It ensures the safe transfer and storage of payment and its details. Users can choose from over 100+ payment gateways. They help nonprofits to manage their payments efficiently and raise more money.

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Reach Reviews

Project Manager,Company Name Classified
Project Manager, Company Name Classified
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“Effective and efficient fundraising tool"

Reach can be used by nonprofits to establish secure, fast and customizable payment gateways to help them raise money through online donations from supporters.
Global Head - Service and Product Development,Company Name Classified
Global Head - Service and Product Development, Company Name Classified
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“Platform for a good cause"

This platform aids non-profit organisations receive payments online by providing them with a payment gateway and several features to manage the received payments.

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