Payroll Software

Best Payroll software is used in managing, organizing and automating everything that is related to paying employees. It also manages tax payment of employees. This software is implemented for tracking time of employees working hours, for calculation of salaries, tax management, reimbursements, making check payment, payment of government tax and managing all the deductions. payroll software optimizes multiple processes related to employee payment and improves efficiency.

Top 10 Best Payroll Software

  1. Paylocity
  2. ADP Workforce Now
  3. Paychex Flex
  4. Ultipro
  5. Paycom
  6. Gusto Payroll
  7. QuickBooks Desktop Pro
  8. Workday HCM
  9. Ceridian Dayforce
  10. Rippling

Paylocity offers a platform that helps in managing everyday tasks like salary management, benefits administration, talent management and many other tasks. The platform also enables easy communication flow between human resource team and the staff… Read more

ADP Workforce Now is user-friendly platform and is complete HCM solution offered by the vendor. The software also saves cost as well as employee time with almost all the processes automated and a very less manual work. It comes at an affordable cost with its different versions for different sizes of organizations and also follows the compliance and regulatory acts… Read more

Paychex Flex manages payroll services for all sizes of organizations. The software offers simple payroll with fast processing and protection against errors. In addition it ensures to offer a sense of transparency by providing access even to the employees of the company… Read more

UltiPro is an award-winning leading cloud provider of HCM (Human Capital Management) and is a product of Ultimate Software. It offers people management solutions for various roles such as HR, talent, compensation, payroll, and time and labor management apps that help in connecting people with the information and resources required to function efficiently… Read more

Paycom Software Inc., commonly known as Paycom, is online cloud-based payroll management and human resources system software. It is suitable payroll solution for site managers, directors, and other operation leaders in organizations. The software stores employees’ data in its cloud-based platform and brings forth changes in performance to benefit the organization… Read more

Gusto Payroll is online software that enables small businesses to manage their payroll efficiently. It comes with user-friendly self service portal that lets employees to view and edit the information they need. The software can be integrated with the account applications on cloud… Read more

QuickBooks Desktop Pro enables organizations to manage all their financial activities quickly. The software is user-friendly and can be implemented in no time. It performs tax management accurately and also provides demos and tutorials about its working. Users can use this software and if they are not satisfied post 2 months of usage then they can request for refund… Read more

Workday HCM offers a complete human capital management solution. It is the user-friendly software with inter linked tools. The portal offered by the software lets users to view and edit any information needed without a need of following multiple steps. It is also a perfect team management tool and shows the hierarchical view of entire team… Read more

Ceridian Dayforce enables organizations to access all the data at the same place by collecting entire employee data which helps while taking any decisions. The software is scalable and customizable platform. The software also enables employees to view their team and understand more about them… Read more

Rippling manages organization’s payroll into a single platform. The software automates the employee processes of salary management, benefit administration, human resource tasks and many more. It comes with user-friendly interface and skilled technical support team… Read more  

What is Best Payroll Software?

Payroll management is the tedious task for any organization as there are multiple tasks involved in it like salary management, tax management, benefit administration, tax management and many more. Payroll software completes the task of calculation of paychecks correctly. The software has the ability of tracking the work hours of employees, payment rate accounting and calculation of employee’s payment for that period. Payroll software performs all the tasks right from managing employee information i.e. data management till managing the tax payments of employees and for the government by following latest tax guidelines.

Best payroll software performs all the tasks without much inputs provided by the HR team. The software makes changes in the tax calculations formulas automatically every time when the rules for tax calculation changes. The software can be customized based on new deductions if any for the employees. Organization just needs one executive who can take print-out of checks and provide it to the employees. Payroll software is enhancing faster and is now operated on cloud. This helps to streamline the process and enables to manage the payroll in an efficient way.

The software is one of the essential business need. It optimizes all the human capital management processes and makes sure that the calculations done by the software are reliable and accurate and the software also abides the latest compliance and regulations. The best payroll software provides employees with the portal that can be used by them independently to update all the required information and access it whenever in need. This is one of the growing software that is widely accepted and is installed in almost every other organization.


The competitive leadership mapping showcased provides information for Best Payroll Management Tool. Vendor evaluations are based on two broad categories: product offering and business strategy. Each category carries various criteria, based on which vendors have been evaluated. The evaluation criteria considered under product offerings include the breadth of offering, delivery (based on industries that the vendors cater to, deployment models, and subscriptions), features/functionality, delivery, product quality and reliability, and product differentiation. The evaluation criteria considered under business strategy include geographic footprint (on the basis of geographic presence), channel strategy and fit, vision alignment, and effectiveness of growth (on the basis of innovations, partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions).


These are Payroll service providers. These products have been marking their presence in the Best Payroll Software market by offering highly customized and easily deployable software for their commercial clients, coupled with their robust business strategy to achieve continued growth in the market. Paylocity, Paychex Flex, ADP, UltiPro, Gusto Payroll, Paycom, QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Workday HCM, Ceridian Dayforce, and Rippling are a few visionary leaders.


They have an innovative portfolio of Payroll services and have an extensive network of channel partners and resellers to increase the deployment of their services across various vertical markets. Over the years, the Dynamic vendors have been consistently generating positive revenue growth in the payroll services their market position is enhanced by organic and inorganic strategies undertaken by them over the period.


They have an innovative portfolio of Best Payroll software and strong potential to build strong business strategies for their business growth. These vendors have been providing server rack offerings as per their customer demands. Innovators have been forefront in deploying their solutions for niche and custom requests by their clients requiring the processing of high-performance workloads. Kronos, Namely, Rise, and Vista are a few innovators in this market.


The emerging players in the Payroll software are specialized in offering highly niche and tailor-made solutions and services to their clients. A majority of the emerging vendors have been undertaking multiple acquisitions and boosting their sales capabilities in various regions to offer their integrated services to a wide range of clients. Patriot Payroll, Zenefits, and EPay are emerging companies in this market.

What are the types of Payroll Systems in the market?

Payroll is a vital financial duty of every organization which needs precise employee payments, and compliance adherence. If there are any errors in payroll management then it results into employee dissatisfaction and fines. With such payroll software, it becomes possible to overcome such errors and noncompliance.


In-house payroll system is a feasible choice if there is less number of employees, usually less than 10 workers, by means of little changes in daily labor hours. If the requirements are simple, an on-site worker will be able to make use of payroll software to manage the procedure and be willingly accessible to respond questions and resolve problems instantly. The worker accountable for payroll has to stay current and well-informed of employees’ change and payroll excise law for precise pay, tax maintenance and filing.

Bookkeepers and CPAs

Organizations can contract out payroll to the bookkeeper or certified public accountant; though, they usually arrange payroll and uphold tax proceedings and might not propose depository interface service like direct deposit.

Payroll Service

Payroll service offers knowledgeable expert on payroll excise and authoritarian necessities, ensuring the organization to abide by compliance and free of everyday payroll obligation. This service offers managerial services like direct deposit and deduction from checks, in addition to most services promise their work as well as are a lesser amount to acquire penalty for imprecise or delayed filing.

Online Payroll

Online payroll businesses enable to handle and examine payroll particulars 24x7, from a protected browser, and by no means include buying added software and tools.

Best Payroll Software Features

Payroll software enables automating, streamlining, standardizing, and centralizing payroll process. Specially, the mentioned characteristics of payroll software complete the countless aspect of payroll, from calculation of salaries and tax to scheduling employee benefits and supervision of attendance.

Payroll management - Salaries are calculated by the software itself as per fixed plan: day by day, weekly-basis, or monthly-basis. This is one of the major benefits of this software. These modules consolidate salary-related things such as attendance, pay-grade, reimbursement, leave, advance, tax, provisions, and many more to calculate remuneration. The majority solutions require simply manual setup by means of set of laws. After that the system takeover the process. The software has ability to be configured as per organization’s needs based number of workers.

Leave management - Best payroll software enables workers to apply for leaves and check their balance leaves. On the other side the management team can evaluate these approvals and inform the workers regarding their approval. Accrued leaves are also estimated with the use of this software for payment.

Expenditure management - Everyday expenditures, deduction, loan, advance, and other worker expenses are updated, tracked, and estimated by the best payroll software. The software also handles reimbursement as per accepted everyday expenditures.

Additional benefit management - Best Payroll software manages a variety of benefit claim, allowance, and extra worker perk. A few solutions trait an information foundation of reimbursements where workers are able to choose and offer claims.

Tax & deduction - The payroll software also calculates tax deductions for employees as well as the tax that needs to be paid to the government. It also follows all the compliance related to tax deductions and performs the calculations based on it. The highly developed and latest payroll software offers tools for excise projection, TDS estimate, and yearly tax-saving investment.

Time and attendance tracker - Individual payroll software might consist of timesheet or a time-tracker to supervise attendance. This feature track absence, increment, leave, and attrition and sync this information with salary estimation. A few latest characteristics of this software enable organizations to handle numerous shifts and transfer of employees and biometric combination for real-time login details.

Salary slips and forms - Payroll software also creates the report on salaries credited, employee reimbursements or employee leave details. The permission to view this portal is given to workers so that they can download and take printout of their salary slips.

Records management - Payroll software maintains all worker report and linked papers. This characteristic typically comprises data management to hold records like offer-letter, experience-letter, employee summary, managerial chart, and relevant statute for work, excise, and work-related security.

Integration - The majority payroll software can be integrated with an additional system, like accounting software or HCM software. These integrations can be customized based on the organizations existing software.

Mobile functionality - The mobile functionality is another trending feature of this software. This feature enables workers to check their pay slips on their smart phones. It also lets organizations to work on payroll process directly from their devices.

Benefits of Best Payroll Software

Best payroll software makes human resource management easy to manage and increases organization productivity efficiently. The software also increases employee satisfaction by ensuring that they are paid properly on time. The software also reduces organization tasks by performing the managerial tasks proficiently without consuming time.

Avoids Errors - If there are any errors while calculating employee salary then it can be very much disappointing for employees as well as for employers. Since, payroll software has preset rules for calculating employee salary employer can avoid errors in calculation of payroll for employees. It reduces manual error and ensures that workers get paid for their work.

Saves Time - The best payroll solution saves huge time while performing all the tasks which would take very long time if manual work is done instead. This enables organizations to pass the bills of employee salary as well as other reimbursements in time without any delay in the process.

Data Security - Payroll system has vital employee information including their personal details as well as their bank credentials. This data is very much sensitive and needs high level security. Best payroll software makes sure that this data is kept secured at their end and no one outside the organization can access it.

No need of experience - Payroll system can be handled by employee who has no prior experience in managing such software. This software is usually user-friendly and comes with easy to understand tutorials so there is no need of highly skilled workers to handle this.

Affordable Software - For small businesses cost is a key thing to consider before making any new investment in the process. The best payroll software is affordable and efficiently saves lot of money that can be saved by businesses for other purposes.

Payroll Methodology - Understanding payroll methods can be the tedious task for someone who has no prior experience in handling it. With payroll software, it becomes easy to manage all variants of payroll as the software is user-friendly and can easily perform all these tasks.

Accurate Estimation - With large number of employees, there is increase in payroll paper work but with this software, calculating payroll of any number of employees becomes easy and the software calculates the accurate payroll statement for the employees. New employees can be added easily with the use of this software and manual errors are reduced at a greater extent.

Tax Calculations - Payroll software ensures that employees are aware of their tax deductions and it deducts those tax amounts based on the latest tax compliance or regulation. This software is always updated with any changes in the tax deduction rules and calculates it accurately.

Quicker payroll process - Payroll software makes sure that entire payroll process is very quick, accurate and efficient. It also offers reports for statements that employers can get whenever needed.

High Productivity - Payroll software makes sure that employees are paid the exact amount and in time which keeps them motivated and satisfied. Due to this employees always work on higher productive side and also increase organizational productivity.

Reliable Software - The software offers reports that are accurate and reliable. So employers can rely on software that the tax is deducted in time and accurately and also employees are paid completely for the amount of work done by them.

Factors to consider before buying Best Payroll Software

Payroll Software is available in different variants. Few are having inbuilt HRM, ERP or accounting software while many are available as sole payroll systems. Any kind of investment for the organization is big decision so considering the following factors can be very helpful:

On-cloud Vs On-Premise – In many organizations payroll software can be either on-cloud or on-premise. There are multiple advantages or disadvantages for both the installations. On-Cloud has a little assets spend, regular update, simple arrangement, zero maintenance, 24x7 customer support, multiple devices comes with ease of access, configurable characteristics, and pricing. However it commit organization to a continuous monthly price, and sensitive information is saved in server on cloud. Alternatively, on-premise needs huge investment for getting license and server, apart from this there is also need of skilled labors for the system’s installation and maintenance. However, this is one time investment and data is stored inside the company’s server itself.

Complete Ownership Cost - Payroll software comes with many hidden costs apart from the charges for licensing and subscriptions. Usually the price changes if any features are customized apart from the basic features along with setting up the system, ugradation of the system, learning fees as well as technical support fees are separately charged.

Compliance Management - Before investing into the payroll software ensure that it follows all the guidelines for compliance as well as all the regulatory rules. This comprise accurate tax deductions, wage calculations, government taxes and many more. The best payroll software comes with automatic upgrade for the government rules change, if any. This maintains the compliance while calculating payroll.

Important Characteristics - Before investing into the payroll system ensure that the software abides all the requirements of the organization. Factors to consider can be payment mode, tax calculations, payment time, and additional payments like bonus, allowance or contact charges. These factors will help organizations to invest into right software instead of bearing additional charges with wrong investment.

Scalability - The payroll system in any organization has to last and grow along with the organization. So the software should get upgraded time to time with more advanced features that will be helpful for the organization and will be an added advantage down the line of 5 to 10 years. So having a scalable system will be benefit to the organization.

Integration - Many payroll systems come in independent form that is it does not have in-built HRM, ERP or account related software. In this case the payroll software should have the capability of integrating with this software so that it can take care of all these external details along with basic payroll management.  Apart from this basic software there are much other software that also needs to be integrated with the system like some sales tools, time trackers, reports and many more which will grow along with organization growth. So, this is also one of the major factors that need to be considered before investing into the payroll solution.

Possible Concerns with Payroll Software

Incompatibility - Payroll systems sometimes are not compatible with the 3rd party applications. So it becomes really hard for organizations to work on such payroll systems and it becomes next to impossible with work on multiple applications like payroll, document management system, ERP, human resource software and many others. So it’s wise to make sure that other applications can be installed with the best payroll software that the organization is selecting.

Non-compliance - While working on any payroll system it’s important to check if the software follows all the compliance and guidelines that government has designed. Especially when it comes to calculating tax deductions or salary deductions following the latest guidelines is important. Best Payroll software should also get updated on the time to time basis and is up to date with the latest government guidelines. If the regulations are not followed then it can lead to high penalty and also organization will waste lot of time in clearing this issue.

Data Security - If the payroll solution that the organization has selected is on-cloud then in that case the organization’s sensitive data is stored in the server of cloud provider. Whereas, on-premise will have all the data stored on the organization’s server itself. So while getting on-cloud solution organization should check the status of software provider and also check how their data will be secured on their server.

Only Basic features offered - Quite a few payroll systems offers only basic features like managing payroll of employee and supervising their work hours. Such software do not offer other advanced features like real-time records, 3rd party integrations, print option and many more. If such software is installed then later on organizations will have to make added investment for more features.

Lot of features - On the other hand, a small company with normal payroll requirements might pay more for completely advanced system. In this case, the company is making additional investment which is not required for them instead of getting basic payroll solution at a minimal cost.

What must be included in a complete payroll service?

A complete payroll service must include the below mentioned features:

Setup, guidance, and interface: The best payroll software should be easy to setup and install. It should also come with a user-friendly user interface or dashboard that will help organizations to understand it easily and enable them to supervise the tasks like payroll processing. It should also provide tutorials and guidance on the working of software and provide proper demos which will help users to understand it in a better way. They should provide details on how much skilled workers are needed to work on this payroll system and how long will it take to start work independently.

Paychecks: The best payroll software enable organizations to update the data regarding employees comprising their tax details so that it can be deducted from their wages. Such solutions should also enable to write on the checks post taking its printout or even the better option is they should be able to deposit these checks directly in the employees bank accounts.

W-2 forms: The Best payroll software provider must provide businesses with the W-2 forms which provide details on the yearly employee salary and tax data. This data should be highly secured and the level of data security should be maintained by the provider.

File and deposit excise: This is one of the vital service that the payroll solution provider should offer. As it is the big task to file task and pay it. So the payroll software service must be able to file the excise that is needed as per latest tax guidelines. This will be an added advantage for the organizations providing this service along with their payroll system. The solution must as well keep tracking the latest government tax guidelines state-wise as well as country-wise which will be helpful if there are employees working in different locations.

Payroll In-House or Outsource?

Whichever kind of software you want to select it is more important to take care of the affordability and the software efficiency before taking any decision. Many a times it becomes really hard to understand how many systems are operating in the organization. Even the staff sometimes is not aware of the systems in place. But they will point it out immediately if they are getting paid late or less than what they deserve. This confusion can arise if there are many employees along with contractors as well as full time. So in that case there should be one fixed solution in the backend that is aware of all the employees who are full time and who are contractors. With the preset details of employees, the solution will be able to process their payroll in time and will pay them exactly what they deserve. Hence hav ing a well-planned system in backend is very important and keeps employees motivated and high in work pace. So having in-house will be efficient if there are less number of employees otherwise outsourcing it will be the vital decision to avoid errors.

Why Payroll Training is needed?

Payroll training is needed as it gives a good experience and guidance of how the software actually works. The payroll software comes with many advanced features which needs a proper training to understand its working. High level payroll training will also prepare organization and their staff for the everyday payroll duties along with the understanding of issues in payroll if the business faces in day to day basis. If there is already a payroll system implemented in the organization then organization and the workers should be aware if it’s working and it will also keep the workers energetic and motivated as they will be adding new knowledge to their knowledge-base.

How to prevent payroll errors?

Payroll errors can cost a very high amount to organizations. There are multiple regulations for organizations that need to be followed while working on payroll, if such regulations are not followed then the organizations will have to pay high amount of penalty for non-compliance. Here is the list of few pointers that can be considered to avoid payroll errors:

Software is updated to latest regulations - Organizations need to make sure that the software is having regular updates and it is updated with the latest compliance and laws. Overpaying or underpaying the taxes both are considered as noncompliance and organizations will be at risk for doing so. So getting software updated is very important to avoid such errors.

Do not miss on deadline - Missing out on deposit deadline can lead to high penalties. So organizations must ensure that all the deposits are done in time whether it’s quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. Depositing against employees is also a big responsibility as if the deposit deadline is missed then organizations will have to bear with the penalty additionally.

Processing of wage garnishments accurately - Organizations are accountable for keeping track and to prioritize employees’ salary attachment like garnishment, levy and many other factors. So they should make sure that all the deductions are done accurately and in time.

Do not rely completely on payroll solution - For any organization it is advisable that they need to audit their payroll solution from time to time to make sure that their employees are getting paid correctly and all the deductions are done as per the regulations. While auditing they can also check the tax rules that are updated in the software and must make sure that they are the latest ones.

Segregating employees accurately - It is very important to check that if the employees are classified properly. Wrongly classifying employees can lead to incorrect salaries as well as multiple fines and legal actions. So as per the regulations understanding which employees to exempt and which should not be exempted is the important task.

Employees should not be considered as contractors-  As long as desired conditions are not met employees should not be classified as contract workers. As till few circumstances employers are responsible to pay the employment tax and will be charged fine if they have classified few employees as contractors.

Reporting extreme benefits - Missing to report fringe benefit as the income when needed and not paying tax for the same can lead to fines and penalty that must be paid. Government usually has the handy guide which explains in detail about the rules regarding tax benefit.

Ensuring Social security numbers are accurate - Organizations should always use social security number (SSN) to validate the number and the name of workers. This will make sure that the SSN number is correct and the taxes or any other rules related to wages are applicable for the same employee.

Mishandling of maintenance for workers for collecting insurance - When an insurance company assume wage payment to workers on long-standing disability, organizations must check on the regulations before reporting such payments and by following rules should be reported for taxes.

Top Trends in Best Payroll Software

GDPR-friendly automated payroll - Payroll automation is founded on the design that worker information is flawlessly accessible across multiple location and interface. The GDPR became live recently. Post this GDPR launch all the payroll solutions became GDPR compliant.

Audit ready Payroll - Instead of worrying at the end of quarter or end of the year for collating and reconciling payroll data, organizations will be adopting automatic reports creation that will enable online submission easily.

Gig Workers will be mainstream - The difference among payroll workers and contract based employees will be vanished as organizations will start depending on gig employees. This will rise and will gain high value and all these tasks will be led by highly skilled consultants.

Bots for resolving query – Workers usually need to do lot of back and forth for resolving their queries from many departments like human resource, financial department or many other departments. Trending AI based chat bots will take this place of resolving employee queries so that employees can avoid this back and forth.

Manual Payroll will be outdated – As payroll automation is becoming mainstream there will be hardly a few organizations who will be working manually for calculating the payroll manually. Since best payroll software are automated and are affordable also so huge number of organizations will implement this automated software to make the process fast as well as to avoid errors.

Time frame for the payroll processing – Many payroll solutions by now have ongoing flexible payroll system which supports onetime payment as well as payment on specific date that will be regular disbursal date for the company. This is very helpful when it comes to gig workers as their payment schedule will be different than that of the regular payroll employees.

Unbanked Workers will be welcome - Different from the accepted idea, an enormous segment of the worldwide population is unbanked, even in urbanized economy. There are many software available that will bridge this gap and will offer them the wages that they have earned.

Disbursal will be immediate – Considering multiple mobile payments are trending so along with this the best payroll software will also explore the choices available in market for making instant payments so that employees don’t have to wait for their payments.

Financial Wellness - Financial wellness is one of the important factors when it comes to the employees’ health. Organizations ensure that their workers are living certain quality of health and use their salary accurately. So financial wellness benefit will be the benefit given by the employer to employees.

Pay Transparency - By making sure that salaries and wages levels are privately decided, the organizations are advancing by sharing wages level to public right from top most management to the contract base employees. This will become a mainstream and will show the value of fair-payment and equality among the employees.

Best Payroll Software

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ADP Payroll Software is a flexible, cloud-based and complete HCM solution platform designed for medium and large size businesses. ADP Workforce Now is built on a single database that features Human Resource Management, Payroll, Benefits, Talent Management, Time and Labor Management and Analytics functions. ADP Payroll Software manages your entire workforce and help the companies to navigate today’s business challenges.

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Paylocity payroll software is a Web-based payroll and HCM solution that provides a unified platform for to make strategic decisions in the areas of core HR, payroll, benefits, talent, and workforce management. Paylocity payroll software helps to minimize administrative tasks, streamline the process and maintain the accurate time and attendance data for individual employees all in one place.

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Kronos Workforce Central is the top-rated tool to manage the industry's workforce easier. It is a cloud-based management software that gives the best user experience, fast delivery, and emerging workforce trends. The tool is designed to audit the top issue faced by organizations each day. With Kronos suite, industries can manage their teams easily and engage them more in the business to achieve goals successfully.
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Paycom payroll software ensures several useful and user-friendly facilities, such as Ad Hoc Reporting, Time and Attendance tracker, analytical equipment, etc. These features help organizations to keep track of their payrolls. Owing to its multivariate features, Paycom is a suitable payroll software for site managers, directors, and other operation leaders in organizations
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The main USP of the Paychex Flex Payroll Software is that it allows you to run payroll much convenient with its user-friendly interface and super easy to use features. Apart from it, the tool also allows you to have a glance at the critical data and also helps you in running reports that can be quite helpful to you in a number of ways.

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Workday HCM payroll software is a cloud-based human resource management system software that performs wide breadth of functions for uniting HR capabilities into a single and easy-to-use system. Workday HCM payroll software is a one-stop solution for onboarding, recruiting, learning and development, compensation benchmarking, payroll, benefits, time off and analytics.

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Ceridian Dayforce payroll software provides the ability for employees to view pay history, to access payroll on the go, and tax management and compliance. Ceridian Dayforce payroll software enable the entire team to access and audit internal data continuously throughout the pay cycle instead of waiting until the pay period closes.
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QuickBooks payroll software is a comprehensive accounting software solution enables organizations to manage all their financial activities quickly in one place. Quickbooks Pro software can be installed both on-premises and in the cloud and the users can also download QuickBooks mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. QuickBooks payroll software automates the billing and invoicing process and work order management from a single balancing window.
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Gusto payroll software is a comprehensive payroll solution that offers payroll services, health benefits, employee onboarding, health insurance, 401(k), and team management tools. Gusto is an integrated and easy-to-use platform designed for modern employees. Gusto payroll software automatically calculates, pays, and files your federal, state and local payroll taxes and also takes care of new hire forms.
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Paybooks Payroll Software are suitable for people who have no experience in using payroll softwares, due to its powerful Wizard and intuitive design. Biometric devices can be easily ato-synced with the payroll system and capturing attendance, leaves, and overtimes becomes simple. Salary reports can be previewed and salary slips, expense reimbursements are automatically generated and can be paid in the payroll system which helps streamline payroll processes.

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UltiPro unifies various aspects of payroll, HR, and talent management in a singular and all-inclusive cloud solution. It delivers the ultimate business benefits for an organization and the most HCM functionality available at the best value today. The software features life events, benefits administration, employee surveys, open enrolment, modern learning management experience, and sentiment analysis.
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Paycheck payroll software gives its users full control over payroll by making certain tasks easy such as preparing payroll at any given time, reminding users about pending payroll payments, and printing of payment vouchers. The software also offers a free payroll tax calculator which provides a detailed analysis of estimated payroll taxes and net income. Starting at just $5 per month, the software is suitable for small businesses looking for affordable payroll systems. With this flexible and powerful software, users have full control over payroll. 

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PayDay! Payroll Software has a mobile version available for better user experience. A user can easily review and approve, and rely on the software to resolve most of the payroll-related complications. It also provides the users with HR administration services which makes it efficient for its users
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Zenefits Payroll Software is a vast and innovative HR and administration software that provides a profusion of services for small and mid-sized companies. The seamless technology of Zenefits mainly focuses on creating out of reach services for those companies and helps to maintain a complete payroll system without any discrepancy. 

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Wallet HR Payroll Software specializes in providing services to its clients in the banking sector, corporate sector, logistics, and many more important fields of operation. With an experience of over 15 years, Wallet HR never fails to adapt to the dynamic statutory structure of the Indian Financial System. Providing the most accurate employee-related reports to its clients has always been the strength of Wallet HR.
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Perk Payroll Payroll Software is a cloud-based payroll system that automates mundane tasks and thereby generates higher and better business results. It ensures a smooth payroll processing by regulating updates, course corrections, and other works. Furthermore, it allows employees to access information and work from anywhere and on any device. It also entails no upfront bulk costs.
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The payroll software is a highly versatile payroll management app that does more than just automating payroll processes. It comes back with a host of functions like preparing comprehensive reports and calculating allowances to name a few. It is compatible with Windows 8 and 10 and has been deliberately designed to have a simple layout but that hardly compromises on the complex functions it can perform. 

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Justworks payroll software is an online platform designed for small businesses and their employees to get access to company benefits, automated payroll, compliance support, and HR tools all in one place. Justworks payroll software simplifies businesses' back-office complexities and offer exceptional 24/7 customer service the power of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

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Rippling payroll software automates manual work and easily manages employees’ payroll, benefits, devices, and apps. With Rippling, you can set up a new hires’ payroll, health insurance, 401K, work computer, and third-party apps like Gmail, Microsoft Office, Slack, Zoom, Office 365, T Sheets, and Quickbooks, etc. Rippling payroll software unifies every employee system and automates all your administrative work.

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TriNet Payroll Software offers complete access to human capital expertise and risk mitigation. It provides the best solutions for small to large-scale businesses with its real-time technology for payroll and HR management. Consult the industry experts for dealing with tough situations and get all the tools in a single software.
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Cascade offers an integrated solution for managing people with an extremely user friendly interface that helps in rolling out best practices, reduction in HR and Payroll admin costs. It aids decision making, enhances staff efficiency and engagement with accurate and real time information.

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Opfin payroll software is the platform that makes the payment structure easy by taking into account all the complicated and major taxation and employee benefit systems of India. Targeting the small and medium-sized businesses of India, it has proved as one of the very efficient payroll service providers.

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Vista payroll software is an excellent payroll and human resources software. Organizations using this software have the option of applying it on an on-premise licensed ownership deployment; this enables the organization to upgrade their latest performances in the software, without any monthly payments, further. 

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KPI payroll software offers seamless integrations of applications across various organizational activities like accounts, payroll, sales, marketing, projects, reports and documents. The accounting and payroll are compliant with local regulations, and they are also GDPR compliant. The software also allows easy upgrade or downgrade of pricing plans based on the business requirements.

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Pocket HRM's main benefits of the software would include the convenience of a reliable HR MIS reporting tool. It also serves as a single source for the management of all Human resource expenses. The product is also customizable as per the business needs, and it helps the businesses stay in compliance with the local regulations and all the data is secured too. The self-service features ensure better employee engagement and accurate and foolproof payrolls
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Namely payroll software provides multiple benefits. They include facilities of brokerage, talent management, HCM benchmarking, human resources, etc. These features are best suitable for mid and small-sized industries, with a labor force of 50 to 300 employees. Organizations looking for a platform to configure and integrate a unique infrastructure can efficiently use, Namely.
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Rise payroll software enables an organization's managers to track the employees' metrics, engagement rates, and attrition rates through the software's reporting feature. The organizations can also include additional HR modules within the software's interface as per the need. Assistance is provided through online live chat, emails, online forums, and FAQs.
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EPay payroll software provides its own eWallet to its users to ease the transfer of funds across the borders with fees as low as a 5% deposit charge and 1% withdrawal charge. Fast and convenient transfers have made it even more preferable by its clients.

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Paymate payroll software provides quick and instant access to the working capital to the businesses with a simplified payment process through their user-friendly platform. Payment automation enables businesses to save time, cost and other resources as compared to the old conventional methods of payments for both the corresponding parties involved.

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Patriot Payroll Software is fast, simple, and affordable online payroll software helps businesses to streamline several HR processes associated with managing payroll payments and tax submissions. Patriot Payroll Software offers very capable payroll processing and highest quality support for new users.  The software also offers personalized portals for employees to access their payroll and related financial information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
The payroll software market is expected from $ 7.34 billion in 2018 to $ 17.3 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 10.3%
Few best payroll software vendors in North America are ADP, Ceridian, Paycom, Paylocity and UltiPro.
This software is used in industries like healthcare, manufacturing, telecom & IT, BFSI, retail, hospitality, and others.
Imapacting factors are secured employee data with cloud backup, Easy system updates, and cloud based payroll solutions.