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Paycom Software Inc., commonly known as Paycom, is online cloud-based payroll management and human resources system software. It is based in Oklahoma, America. Paycom payroll software is among the first fully online payroll management systems to have been established.

At the core of it, the software automatically processes the paychecks and payrolls of an organization. Paycom payroll software stores employees’ data in its cloud-based platform and brings forth changes in performance to benefit the organization.

Paycom Pricing

The Paycom pricing strategy is not available publicly online. Users can contact the company for more details on Paycom pricing. Even though not disclosed, Paycom pricing is competitive as per industry standards.

Paycom Demo

The software allows the user to go through a demo. The demo can be found on the software’s official website. It demonstrates the user the functioning of the various features and applications

Paycom Features

Payroll Streamline- Ensure timely payment of taxes and other incentives through the use of Paycom’s online payroll processing, payroll tax management, and payroll analytics strategies. Calculate the payroll efficiently and timely by tracking time and attendance.

Talent Management- Hire the best and most qualified candidates from among a vast platform of talent-rich applicants through Paycom’s streamlined features of candidate tracker and applicant tracking. Familiarise the new applicants within the business organization with the help of the software’s intuitive onboarding solution.

Workforce Management- Perform the tedious and complicated human resources’ tasks automatically and timely. Keep human resources’ performance at the top of the priority list for managing the workforce, acquiring and hiring employees, through the software’s single database.

Employee Growth- Build career prospects and enhance the skills of the employees through Paycom’s talent management analytics tools. Create a more dedicated and enhanced workforce by keeping track of the employees’ performance and the company’s growth-related goals.


  • +8
    24/7 Customer Support
  • +5
    Accounting Integration
  • +11
    API/Web Service
  • +12
  • +8
    Automated Onboarding Workflows
  • +12
    Background Checks
  • +10
    Benefits Administration
  • +6
  • +5
    Compensation Administration
  • +8
    Compliance Management
  • +6
    Core HR Integration
  • +14
  • +8
  • +13
    Direct Deposit
  • +6
    Employee Self-Service
  • +13
    Enrollment Planning
  • +10
    Expense Reimbursement
  • +13
  • +11
    Forms Library
  • +14
    Mobile Shift Scheduling
  • -13
    API Integration
  • -7
    Automated Team Introductions
  • -9
    Employee Records
  • -9
    Integration and Synchronization
  • -10
  • -5
    Workforce Analytics

Paycom Reviews


Buyer Insurance

Apr 29, 2020

“Convenient to use”

The characteristics of Document management, expense management, applicant tracking are straightforward to use; they also provide efficient performances.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

Apr 29, 2020

“Efficient performance management”

The key feature of performance management offered by Paycom enables organizations to track the performance of their employees. The feature also allows the user to add notes and observations regarding the performance from time to time.
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