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360-Degree Feedback
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360-Degree Feedback USP

360-Degree Feedback shows the subjects the difference between how they see themselves and how others judge them. This information can allow them to adjust themselves as per the information received. Moreover, the multiplicity of sources of feedback enhances its validity and objectivity. It also proves to be highly beneficial in the career development of the individuals which in turn has a positive impact on the organization. Request 360-Degree Feedback Pricing to get more information.


360 Degree Feedback is a system that gathers anonymous feedback about the people of the staff from their working connections. The connections generally include their managers, peers, subordinates, etc. It has a “360 degree” in its name as it manages to seek a well-rounded opinion on the individual from a range of people. It is often used as a development tool and used primarily for individuals to move higher up in the hierarchy of the organization.

360-Degree Feedback Pricing

360-Degree Feedback pricing is not disclosed by the company. Users can contact the customer service to know about the 360-Degree Feedback Pricing plans and can get the competitive quote for their requirements. 360-Degree Pricing depends upon the number of people required to send feedback. 

360-Degree Feedback Demo

360-Degree Feedback demo is available on the company website, which can be used by users to understand and analyze all the features provided by DecisionWise. The company also provides a free version of its product along with the free trial. 


Multi-source Feedback- Gathers 360-degree feedback from both external and internal sources. Collects feedback both as a part of the appraisal process and for a separate assessment.

Configurable Feedback- Allows the HR to decide who can provide the feedback, when and how can they see it. Configures whether it’s the managers or the employees who request the feedback.

Convenient Setup and Launch- Simplifies the selection of assessment questions through a point and click process. Sends notifications automatically to those who are being requested to provide the feedback.

Reporting- Provides information about the progress and status of the feedback to the administrators. Identifies any gap in feedback so that the administrators can request feedback from some other source if required.


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360-Degree Feedback
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360-Degree Feedback Reviews


Buyer, Senior Manager, SME

Apr 17, 2020


360-Degree Feedback has a highly simplified system. It barely uses any time and organizations can get started with it right away. The platform has a nice and clear interface as well.
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Apr 17, 2020

“Rich Collection of Features”

The feedback providing system of 360-Degree Feedback is complemented by several other features such as updates on the status of feedback and the ability to identify the gaps in feedback.
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