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Bridge performance management system is an HR service solution that can enhance your business through continuous learning, engagement, and relationships. It offers intensive learning management tools for personal and organizational growth. Get accurate performance reports and help employees with the right career development platform. Assign goals for better performance. Show company growth, turnover, and performance results to senior executives. Help the employees to develop with data-driven guidance. 

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Bridge performance management system is an end-to-end solution that provides employee deployment on every level. Boost the company growth by aligning employee aspiration with talent strategy. Get all the reports and actionable insights about employee performance, mastery, and engagement. Keep executives happy by showing company performance, turnover, employee engagement, and skill development. Bridge performance management system offers full-service HR solutions for small and medium-sized organizations. 

Bridge Pricing

Bridge pricing is not disclosed by the company. Users can contact the customer service to know about the Bridge pricing plans and can get a competitive quote for their requirements.

Bridge Demo

A demo option is available on the authorized site. Sign up on their website for requesting a demo and explore all the features of Bridge. This will help users to explore the features and can further proceed to buy the product.


Next-generation learning solution- Create a set of quizzes for employees after initial training and get all the insights instantly. Learn more with 20 courses that cover important training topics. Get the content for HCM strategy. 

Continuous Performance Management- Set up direct 1:1 meeting of managers and employees for determining the year’s achievable milestones. Evaluate employees with 9 box grid and identify the people ready for promotions, pay raises, etc. Assign goals to every employee and get a proper view of assigned and achieved goals. Get accurate performance and skill ratings by multiple people to give assessments.

Bridge Connect- Enable employees to know what they care for, what are the skills they want to master in the future. Connect employees with co-workers who can help each other in developing skills. 

Peer to Peer Video Coaching- Use it as a peer-to-peer video coaching tool for teaching employees. Demonstrate critical skills that cannot be done during onsite training. 

Accurate Data Insights- Get unique performance reports on the dashboard. Customize the roles and permissions according to the appropriate levels of access.


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  • +12
    Appraisal Management
  • +10
    Coaching Management
  • +6
    Feedback Management
  • +9
    Mobile App
  • +8
    Talent Profiles
  • +10
    User, Role, and Access Management
  • +13
    360-degree feedback
  • +6
    API / Integration
  • +12
    Automated Reminders
  • +7
    Competency Management
  • +11
    Compliance Management
  • +13
    Compliance Training
  • +11
  • +13
    Customer Service
  • +9
  • +13
    Development Planning
  • +12
    Document Management
  • +10
    Embedded AI / Machine Learning
  • +5
    Goal Alignment and Management
  • +14
    Goal Setting
  • -5
    Goal Tracking
  • -9
    Multi-rater functionality
  • -14
    Pay for Performance
  • -5
    Performance and productivity analytics
  • -11
    Performance Management
  • -6
    Reporting and Dashboards

Bridge Reviews


Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

Apr 25, 2020

“Innovative Talent Management features”

Bridge provides employee development features which can suit company growth. Managers and employees can work together (1:1) and determine future goals.
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Buyer, Education, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Make on-the-job education enjoyable”

Bridge offers best features for employee long-term career growth. Easy peer-to-peer connection and teaching is also possible. New skills can be developed while working and achieving goals will be easier.
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