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Kazoo performance management system is a package of employee encounter tenets that amalgamates performance, recognition, and engagement in one robust and fun program. Kazoo performance management system is an employee-driven approach. It combines three features into one policy, i.e. real-time recognition and reward, continuous performance management, and employee engagement survey to foster the revenue, retention, and productivity of the customers. 

Kazoo Pricing

Based on the requirements of the organization, the Kazoo Pricing plans have various pricing standards. They bestow a 15 days free trial, which is a complete HR tincture for every business. However, the Kazoo Pricing plans are not published officially on any website. To avail of the pricing standards of Kazoo, the user needs to access the website and provide contact details directly.

Kazoo Demo

Kazoo is an online human resource solution that is a cloud-based manifesto that proffers all kinds of HR tasks of a company. They have an exempt demo for 15 days and an added expert analysis and recommendation after registering on the official website of the company.


Performance benchmarking- Collects and interprets survey repercussions to industry yardstick to locate key areas for refinement. Evaluates the results of the survey at either a high level or individual level.

Reporting and dashboards- Maintain survey results to be visualized and report in real-time with automated broadcast tools. Facilitates reports to be personalized and apportioned for organizational improvements. 

Feedback management- Aids in 360-degree feedback for promotion and compensation decisions.

Setting goals and objectives- Sets professional and personal goals with personalized dates. Maintain and route these apportioned goals with other users and manoeuvre performance using build-in chase.


  • +12
    Appraisal Management
  • +12
    Automated Reminders
  • +10
    Coaching Management
  • +13
    Development Planning
  • +6
    Feedback Management
  • +5
    Goal Alignment and Management
  • +9
    Mobile App
  • +11
    Performance Management
  • +8
    Talent Profiles
  • +7
    Time Tracking Integration
  • +10
    User, Role, and Access Management
  • +13
    360-degree feedback
  • +6
    API / Integration
  • +7
    Competency Management
  • +11
    Compliance Management
  • +13
    Compliance Training
  • +11
  • +13
    Customer Service
  • +9
  • +12
    Document Management
  • -10
    Embedded AI / Machine Learning
  • -14
    Goal Setting
  • -5
    Goal Tracking
  • -9
    Multi-rater functionality
  • -14
    Pay for Performance
  • -5
    Performance and productivity analytics
  • -6
    Reporting and Dashboards
  • -7
  • -11
    Self-Service Portal
  • -8
    Skills Assessment
  • -14
    Skills Tracking

KAZOO Reviews


Buyer, Healthcare, SME

Apr 25, 2020

“Perfect recognition for employees”

Kazoo is incredibly versatile according to the need of the employees. It makes it easier to redeem behavior bonuses and fosters to keep the team members engaged in the system.
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James Smith

Apr 25, 2020

“Builds healthier customer relations”

Kazoo is user friendly and customer care executives are very optimistic and helpful. Queries are resolved as soon as possible with positive and encouraging intent to help users. The software is affordable and gives full value for money.
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